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Special Message

This Ramadaan Think Long Term. Leave a Legacy. Make a Waqf.

  While all forms of sadaqah are commendable, one stands out as the most enduring: Waqf. The divine institution of waqf has its roots deeply implanted in Islamic shariah and Islamic Civilisation. From the time of the noble Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and Blessings be upon him) and bygone generations, the waqf institutions has provided humanity with some of the best examples of generosity and projects. From Mosques,  Universities, Schools to farms set aside to care for animals… When a waqf is made, the donor or waqif/waqifah is not thinking about short term solutions to current problems. In fact, the donor becomes a visionary by thinking long term – by thinking about the future. In this sense, the donor is thinking about sustainability rather than a quick fix.  So when a fruit  tree is planted, the farmer or the household owner knows that in a few years, s/he will be harvesting the fruits. These fruits may then be consumed, sold, or gifted. But the tree remains and year after year, as the tree grows, more fruit is produced, and more people will eat and enjoy. Thats long term thinking. Planning and planting seeds for the future. Similarly, if we all put our funds together and invest in a commercial property that produces rental income, while the occupants carry on their own livelihoods by operating a  business, employing people, and serving the community – the fruits ie the rental income that the waqf owner will receive may be used to fund downstream projects such as paying school fees for a child, or his/her madressah fees;  providing  a disabled person with a special wheel chair (for example), or providing scholarships for higher studies etc. And that there would be a constant flow of funds to pay for necessities of the poor and needy. Not only that, it would benefit the community by providing many other services including co-funding our imams, muezzins,  and teachers with better salaries for a better  living; or providing health services to the needy… many examples abound.  Would we not reap long term benefits and thawaab if our  money is put towards a masjid, a well, a library, a hospital, a clinic, a home for the destitute, a shopping centre, a farm, etc? These are long term solutions to short term needs. Short term solutions are not sustainable. This Ramadaan Think Long Term. Leave  a Legacy. Make a waqf.      

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