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Muslim Lost History Revival

“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. ” – Michael Crichton  “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”– George Orwell  “Study the past if you would define the future.”  – Confucius “Nescire autem quid antequam natus sis acciderit, id EST semper esse puerum. (To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.)” – Cicero Muslims in post colonial times are, mostly, not au fait with the vast array of historical factors that brought them to the point where they find themselves today.   Why are we so many , yet so weak?   Was there a time after the Golden Age of the Khulafa Rashidoon when we were still a force to be reckoned with?     Muslim Spain, the Mughal Empire, the Sokoto Khalifate, the Ottoman Empire…can we rediscover and reconstruct the foundations on which they were built so that we can once more raise the flag of Islam to where it belongs…high above all the flags of ethnic and geographic nationalism that serve mankind so poorly in the modern era?      Let’s rediscover our history. Let’s take our rightful place as leaders of mankind. Maybe we can start here:   http://lostislamichistory.com/

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