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Eid Mubarak 1441

*Awqaf SA Mutawallees, Management and Ambassadors, wish all Muslims a blessed Eid and a day filled with joy.* We thank our donors for your support in Awqaf SA’s quest of the Revival of the Divine Institution of Waqf.

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AWQAF SA Waqf Eid Gift

Thinking of an Eid Gift? GIVE THE MOST PRICELESS & EVER LASTING EID GIFT TO YOUR CHILD For as little as R100 – Open a lifetime children of Islam Waqf account in the name of your child (any age).This will earn you and him/her everlasting thawaab and inshallah he/she will continue your legacy of Waqf & Sadaqah Jariyyah. See the Fruits of the Waqf being used for education for the Yateem & Miskeen. The Noble Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said: “When a person dies, all his/her acts come to an end, but three: sadaqah jariyyah (Waqf, recurring/ongoing charity), beneficial knowledge, or a pious child (son or daughter) who prays for the deceased.” (Musnad Ahmad) DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE FROM:https://bit.ly/Waqf_Eid_Gift_Certificate DONATE NOW VIA OUR DONATION PLATFORM:https://bit.ly/Eid1441 Or via direct deposit Banking Details:First National BankFNB Islamic FinanceAccount Name: Awqaf SAAccount Number: 62052040145Branch Code: 254005Reference: UR CELL NO/ NAME Sms/Whatsapp: 084 786 0010Email: pledge@awqafsa.org.zaWeb: www.awqafsa.org.za/pledge

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Eid Mubarak 1440

Eid Mubarak 1440/2019

Awqaf SA Mutawallees, Management and Ambassadors, wish all Muslims a blessed Eid and a day filled with joy. We thank our donors for your support in Awqaf SA’s quest of the Revival of the Divine Institution of Waqf. May Allah bless and reward you all abundantly. GIVE A WAQF GIFT for EID.This Eid, take the opportunity to make your Waqf.Registration link:http://bit.ly/2McdKt0 #Sharethecare Banking Details Awqaf SA FNB Bank account: 62052404145 BC: 250655 REF: UR CELL NO/NAME For more information: info@awqafsa.org.za www.awqafsa.org.za

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Awqaf SA gets a mention at the occasion of the Jumuah Lecture

SPEECH BY MINISTER RADEBE ON THE OCCASION OF THE JUMUAH LECTURE AT RASOOLI COMMUNITY CENTRE  Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to brother Adil Nchabaleng, Shaikh Fadlalah and the leadership of the Rasooli Centre for inviting and allowing me to join you here today on the auspicious occasion of Jumuah. It is humbling to be invited to this extremely important gathering, it is always heartening to see the Muslim Community thriving in our rainbow nation. Indeed, the strength we have as a nation is built on our diversity and the incredible ability we have to respect and enhance each other’s cultures.   The history of our country was underpinned by racial discrimination, which inevitably saw discrimination across cultures and religion. In crafting the constitution, we sought to build a State that would in turn enable a model society, one that is alive to the various aspirations of our people. The world has seen many injustices, atrocities, gross human rights violations and world wars, fought merely on the basis of discrimination of one people against another.   Apartheid discrimination partly mirrored the discrimination that was ongoing around the world. In fact the National Party racist ascended power in 1948 inspired by ironically the same Hitler against whom they had fought as part of the Allied Countries. As we gather here today, we must be conscious that we cannot be fully free whilst others elsewhere around the world are not free.   Thus former President Mandela was conscious of this universal ...

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Awqaf SA in Indonesia

Alhamdulillah Awqaf SA had a productive Round table discussion on establishing International core Principles for Waqf. It was motivating to see that Awqaf SA through the dedication and commitment of our ambassadors at all levels has built a sound Waqf Institution in South Africa that is respected internationally. Under the leadership of our Chair of Mutawallees and Chief Executive Officer, both past and present with the support of our partner organisations, Awqaf SA is a global leader in the Waqf Islamic Social Finance Sector. Let us reaffirm our commitment to Allah’s deen and duty towards the proliferation of Waqf for sustainable community development Insha’Allah. Mickaeel Collier – Surabaya, Indonesia

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