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Varsity Indaba – Career Guidance for School Learners

  The exciting and informative “Varsity Indaba”  held on the 27th April 2017 at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) campus was well attended. Awqaf SA, Muslim Students Association (MSA)  and  and Muslim Youth of SA (MYSA) co-organised this career guidance day for Grade 11 and 12 learners. Top 6 students from different schools in Johannesburg were invited to this event. The varsity indaba commenced with Shakeel Garda welcoming the students and outlining the purpose of the event. There was much excitement and anticipation from the grade 11 and 12 learners including MSA student mentors who ensured a well-run program. Sershin Naicker from the Wits campus registrar gave a clear outline to students of the requirements for each degree with the step by step process of applying to university. MSA Union president gave students further insight as to what MSA is about. Naeema Ramadan, Awqaf SA Youth Ambassador, then engaged with the learner’s regarding Awqaf SA, explaining the concept of Waqf. Each session was interactive and allowing for students to put forward their questions and concerns to the speakers. The breakaway session included current WITS students from different faculties and professionals to interact with learners. Students from faculties such as Law, Commerce, Halth Sciences,  Engineering and Built Environment, Education, Science and Humanities. Learners from various schools gave positive feedback about the Varsity Indaba, Insaaf Mossa and Justine Kester from St Barnabas College commented that they found the Varsity Indaba extremely helpful and eased their worries about the application process. They ...

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Awqaf SA at the Hartley Rd. Fair

Awqaf SA has established a working committee to oversee the establishment of an Awqaf SA branch in Durban. Adv. AB Mohammed has been quite instrumental in making this objective a reality. The “Awqaf SA KZN Team” was at the Hartley Rd. Fair and it was  a good opportunity to speak to the fair’s visitors about Awqaf SA’s Flagship project “My Waqf”. Photohighlights

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Awqaf SA Support SADN Student Project

Awqaf SA supported the South African Dawah Network’s project to assist 23 students from the emerging communities with registration fees.   SADN Transport from hostels Aid with registration Boarding Text books funding

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Awqaf SA supports Prince Xulu Rugby Academy

The presentation of the rugby kits to the Prince Xulu Rugby Academy took place in Durban, KZN. The Academy has a MOU with the Bretttonwood High School whereby the Academy uses the sports facilities of the (previously Model C) School and provides rugby training for the students from the School and a few other neighbouring schools. Both the School and the Academy were highly appreciative of the donation. There was briefing session with Mr Xulu regarding the history of the academy. He stated the objective was to take rugby to the disadvantaged areas. He also stated that the Academy is the only one its kind in KZN. Awqaf might use this unique opportunity by using the platform of sport to build social cohesion and inspire student to pursue Rugby as a constructive past time which could develop into a career in Sport. In the photographs the following persons other than the students appear: The principal of Brettonwood High School Mr Mr Ndumiso Dhlamini The sportsmaster of the School- Mr Ben Vutha Director of the Academy – Mr Prince Xulu A Board Member of the Prince Xulu Rugby Academy – Mr Thobani Ngcobo. Awqaf  SA is considering tuition and literacy classes at the School as we are currently doing in Gauteng. Our thanks go to brs Ebrahim Patel, Chairman of Minara Chamber of Commerce for facilitating the donation and br Ebrahim Vawda who  represented Awqaf SA at the handover ceremony. (Report and photographs by Br Ebrahim Vawda)

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My Waqf

“MY WAQF” CAMPAIGN : Spreading the Culture of Waqf Giving My Waqf Gift Brief The Divine and Prophetic institution of Waqf has been part of and ingrained in Islamic History, Shariah, Civilisation, and Culture. The Muslim world is replete with iconic infrastructure ranging from Masajid, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Hospitals, Clinics, Homes for the Elderly, Orphans, and Destitute; Roads, Bridges, Cemeteries, Agricultural Farms, Nature Reserves, pavements, state and community security, water canals, … and the list goes on… whatever the community needed, the Waqf system provided. But what about the sustainability of these institutions and infrastructure? How were the upkeep of these institutions funded? From where were staff paid ? Who paid for the scholars that searched relentlessly for answers and solutions to vexing questions in religion, science, technology, medicine, engineering, astronomy, geography, history, etc? The answer is simple: It was the waqf system. The waqf system ensured that that there were commercial waqfs that funded and subsidized the infrastructure and institutions. A completely voluntary system of Capital Giving in the way of Allah.   The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AWQAF SA) must be regarded as the “Sovereign Fund” of the Muslim Ummah , that will, inshallah, in time to come, be able to serve every need of the Muslim Ummah… from the cradle to the grave. But this cannot be done by a few individuals. It needs the support of the whole community. The primary mission of Awqaf SA is to revive the Sunnah and culture of Waqf ...

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