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Children of Islam Jalsah 2011 – a Huge Success!

On Sunday the 25th of September, 5000 children from indigenous, traditional and expat Muslim communities celebrated 1400 years since the revelation of the Quraan to Islam’s most revered prophet, Mohammed SAW. The 2nd Children of Islam Jalsah echoed across the Johannesburg Ellis Park sports arena as about 60 bus-loads of school children participated in an interactive extravaganza of Quranic recitation, plays, historical stories and musical performances. Under the theme of Love, Learn and Live the Qur’an, the event celebrated the post apartheid heritage week, yet it focused on the most important heritage of a Muslim, the role and relevancy of the Quran in the 21st Century. Surprise guest Zain Bhika also made his appearance much to the applause of the crowd. A rendition of the SA National Anthem in Arabic by the Bosmont Muslim School was a crowd pleaser, as were various nasheeds and songs. However what got the attention of many was the recollection of the contribution of Muslim inventions inspired by the Qur’an,  to the advancement of mankind, aptly captured in the inspirational play From the Dark ages to the Golden age. The aim of the Jalsah also strengthened the bonds of friendship and unity between SA’s varied community of Muslims, reaching across all spectrums of society. One of the main organizers of the event was AWQAF SA. Deputy CEO Ismail Munshi told Lenasia Times that the aim of the event was to encourage children not only to read and learn the Qur’an, but to practice the message ...

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Muslim Charter Initiative

Brief Rationale: Muslims have been living in SA for over 350 years and have established themselves as a permanent, entrenched community made up of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious sub groups within contexts colonial; apartheid, and now a Democratic Republic of South Africa. The Muslim Community of SA has made and continues to make contributions in all spheres of South African life including the economic, political, and social arenas. The Muslim Community of SA has established a myriad of NGO’s operating for the benefit of Muslims as well as the broader community.  There needs to develop a Charter – among Muslim organisations / persons and accepted by the broader Muslim Community to create a platform of mutual cooperation and understanding of Muslims, Islam and the role of Muslim community organizations and personalities in the years to come. The document will serve as a directional tool and provide guidance on understanding the Muslim community of South Africa.    Comments and inputs welcome: First Draft SA Muslim Charter now available Click here to Read or to Download

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Giving Vision to the Poor through Cataract Camps.

Awqaf SA donors, the Pakistan Community of SA, and the Islamic Medical Association of SA have joined hands in  co-sponsoring cataract  operations among the poor and indigent in Sebokeng, Gauteng.  Since its launch by the IMA in 2005,   403  cataract operations were done giving back their vision at no cost to the patient. Dr Shabbir Hussain,  senior ophthalmologist of the project said “It costs between R7000-R14000 for a single eye operation. These are done free of charge in our Camps. There is a backlog of 300 patients at Sebokeng  and thousands more at the country’s largest eye hospital St Johns. Patients are on a waiting list until 2010. We would like to thank Awqaf SA donors, the IMA and the PC for their support”.  Patient Thandiwe who just had her operation done said: “May God bless all. I can see now and I am so very happy”. Donors may make contribute any amount as  Waqf/Sadaqah Jariyah  or alternatively contribute towards a  cataract operation.

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