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Sh Yusuf documentary in the making

  South African and  Cape Town Muslims in particular often do not realise that their history is rooted in a colourful and undiscovered legacy of famous scholars, such as Abadin Tadia Tjoessoep, more commonly known as Sheik Yusuf of Macassar. Known as the ‘Father of Islam in South Africa’, his shrine remains one of the most important religious and historical sites for Muslims in the country. The alim, who was of noble descent, was exiled to the Cape of Good Hope in 1693 and played an important role inestablishing Islam in the Cape.     Now a South African film maker has taken on the mammoth task to tell the story of the icon’s life through documentary. A former religious studies academic, Dr Eugene Botha, believes the story of Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar is not only relevant to Muslims, but is also a story that all South Africans should know about. “The development phase of the documentary is currently underway and we hope to base this film on the life of the esteemed Sheik,” he told VOC Drivetime. Producers decided to follow the independent route with the film, which means that the documentary would need a fairly big budget. “We would need to travel to the locations throughout the world and also interview the academics working on his life story. It is actually a fairly big undertaking and not just a regular quick broadcast.” Challenge Botha said he was up for the challenge as it is a story that deserves ...

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Give a Fasting Certificate to your child

Awqaf SA has developed a programme for young children under the banner of “Children of Islam.” As part of this programme various Childrens’ activities are run in-conjunction with a other organizations to celebrate our youth and inculcate within them the values of Islam under the theme “Love, Learn & Live Islam”As part of this wider programme we have developed and partnered with organizations like the Voice of The Cape radio, Star International Primary & High school and others “The Fasting Children of Islam Certificates” which are geared towards rewarding and encouraging young Muslim children who have completed the full/part fast or during the month of Ramadaan. We have designed two certificates; 1. For kids that have fasted the entire month and 2; a certificate of those who could only manage to fast a few days of the month.In a hadith the Prophet (SAW) said:“There are seven categories of people who be under the shade of Allah on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade…” one of these categories is “…a youth who has been raised in the worship of Allah.”As parents the greatest gift that we can give to our children is to instill within them the love for Islam.These certificates are therefore a recognition of their sacrifices during the month of Ramadaan and we encourage all parents to print the certificates and present it to their children on the day of Eid, Insha’Allah   Download the certificates   Click here to download  full Ramadaan Fasting Certificate ...

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MSA spearheads Project IQra with Sanzaf & Awqaf SA

                      The Muslim Students Association (MSA) – the largest Muslim student representative body in the country in conjunction with the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF)  and the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA)  have embarked on the largest student driven educational development initiative, Project IQra. The project, which forms as MSA’s annual flagship project aims to fullfil three primary objectives: To assist in satisfying a basic need within society and assist in breaking the poverty cycle, by initiating a broad sustainable development project. To develop university students by fostering mass student involvement, creating unity and decreasing student apathy by encouraging social consciousness and fostering cultural understanding among students. To develop a project that can be easily replicable by other organizations, societies and campuses. Project targets: Providing 3000 grade 11 learners with essential materials to pass Matric Providing 15 schools with essential teacher facilitating materials Providing 3000 grade 11 learners with essential knowledge & materials to get into a tertiary institute Organising and facilitating a mass career’s day for 3000 grade 11 learners Collecting R3-Million in funds How will we do this? Project IQra spans five phases: Fundraising and advertising for the project and getting support from various organisations including the South African Department of Education (DoE). This will take place from June until  17 September. Actively identifying schools, engaging with them and based on the identifying process, establishing the needs of the schools and learners. This will take place during August. So ...

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Youth distribute iftar packs

Local youth participated in an annual project initiated by Awqaf SA, Nurul Ain, The Muslim Judicial Council and the Turkish humanitarian organisation IHH by helping to package and distribute iftar meal packs to underprivileged Muslims in the Cape Peninsula.  Over 500 iftar and suhur packs were delivered to mosques in Khayelitsha, Strand, Delft and surrounding areas. Each pack was able to feed a peson for four meals and included milk, instant soup, porridge, noodles, rice, maize meal, tea, sugar and dates, amongst others. According to organisers, the project has three goals. “Firstly, it is to conscientise the community of the conditions of our brothers and sisters in the townships and our responsibility towards them; secondly; to provide, albeit in a small way, a temporary food relief mechanism; and thirdly; the development and training of a new generation of community workers.”  For more information contact Br Mickaeel Collier 0822164269 Courtesy: Voice of the Cape  

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Mosque goes green for nature

Despite green being the colour used to represent Islam, many Muslims do not ‘Go Green’ in their daily lives, so the Youth Engineering the Future Trust aimes to change this. Five times a day Muslims around the world wash their hands and feet with water to perform wudhu (ablution) before performing Salaah (prayers). In the process they use about 41 litres of water daily. An innovative project by a Cape Town based youth group, the Youth Engineering the Future Trust (YEF) aspires to encourage Muslims to recycle wudhu water by using it for their gardens. The concept, called the “Green Masjid Project”, encourages the youth to come up with fresh ideas for conservation. YEF partnered with the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA), a charitable endowment-receiving organisation, after they endorsed their idea to recycle wudhu water. YEF was initiated by the Islamic Media Agency and is supported by the Muslim Judicial Council. The fund aims to develop youth, particularly high school drop-outs. According to YEF project manager Sanaa Petersen, “the purpose of the organization is to make mosques an integral part of youth development and one of its major projects are the environment and water care”. Peterson said finding a way to capture the water was the first hurdle which was solved by it being captured into a drum that has been inserted into the ground with a fully installed filtration system. Once the drum is full, it then pumps out onto a planted garden. With the support ...

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