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Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy (Arham) is a united platform and campaign designed to acclaim and publicize the extraordinary character of the Final and Noble Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).   With the world of hate, Islamophobia and fake news, and our obligation to spread the message of Peace, Justice, Love,  Compassion, Mercy,  and Service,  it has become our duty to highlight  our love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)  during the month of his birth, as a celebration of his divine character as a mercy to all Creation.  How can you get involved?We, therefore, invite you, your family and organization or company to be part of this campaign and in the spirit of the beautiful character of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ): Endorse/ Support/ Participate.   Simple acts of kindness, smiling, greeting, inviting a neighbor, neighbourhood clean-ups, fixing a playground or painting a classroom or hospital ward, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and elderly, helping an orphan, giving gifts and discounts, competitions, contests,  seerah programmes, Dawah programmes, Jalsahs,  fixing latrines, environmental or animal care,  Outreach programmes… or do any random act of kindness…  mobilise volunteers also to undertake similar charitable projects… limitless opportunities Ways to get involved: Plant a tree, donate your old toys to an orphanage, visit the aged and paint a classroom or hospitad ward. So whether you are in the small town of Kuruman or the big city of Johannesburg,  no matter how small or big your musallah /  masjid/ madressah / organisation / institution … ALL WELCOME to participate in this campaign. Let us together create a wave of mercy across South Africa and around the world. Inshallah Ameen. Radio Islam Interview with Awqaf SA CEO: Zeinoul Abedien Cajee and Sister Annisa Essack As a endorser/supporter/participator of the project, kindly complete the online form and let us have a high res version of your logo for inclusion in marketing materials. PRIZES: A ” CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION” will be awarded to all REGISTERED endorsers/ supporters / participators. This campaign is facilitated by Awqaf SA  Joint Coordinators: Farouk Sirkhot  0813396701 Hasanain Abdullah 0795071196 Nazeer Jamal 0761513334 Email: op.mercy@awqafsa.org.za  

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