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Youth Leadership Camp for Cape Town

The Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) will be having their annual youth camp where a variety of approximately 60 – 70 high school and tertiary students come together. The camp will be from 5 – 8 January 2015 at Rotary Camps in Glencairn. The theme for this camp is “Islamic Identity in a Modern Society: Confronting Challenges” These camps focus on key issues in social awareness, lectures, workshops, cultural evening, sports, skills development and training. A variety of well-trained speakers will address youth on the topics that affects them. It is aimed at ideological development and spiritual uplifment, promoting critical thinking and open debate and developing a spirit of fellowship. Despite being a minority religion, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and with this rapid increase; identity becomes a matter of importance. For many people, questioning their identity is irrelevant as they fit into the values and structures of their communities. Yet, worldwide, Muslims have established their own common community because of their affiliation with Islam. Essentially, a Muslim’s identity is his religion. For many young Muslims living in the 21st century brings many challenges that previous generations have not encountered. The pressure of giving into the “norm” of western society is immense and often we do not know how to confront and deal with these pressures. We find it difficult to fit into a world that is so different to the way we were raised and the values that our Quran set out for us. We struggle ...

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SA Young Leaders off to Jakarta

A delegation of  10 young leaders from South Africa departed on Thursday 11 December for a two week International Youth Leadership Programme under the auspices of the Al Azhar Youth Leadership Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia. The SA Group is accompaned by Sr Mariam Gillan (extreme left). Naeema Hussein Alkout and Nazneen Vilbro are Awqaf SA Youth Ambassadors. In the meanwhile, The Muslim Students Association is holding their Summer Camp in Cape Town. Awqaf SA, as a supporter of both wishes them all the best.    

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Minara Launches Youth Waqf Fund

The Minara Chamber of Commerce in association with Awqaf SA launched the Yusuf Talia Minara Youth Waqf Fund at its Annual Recognition Awards Dinner held in Durban on Friday 21 November 2014. The Programme Director br Aslam Ismail presented the Young Achiever Award to marhoom Yusuf Talia. The Award was received by marhoom Yusuf’s parents – Nazeer and Fatima Talia.  The  YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD Criteria  are  (a) A young muslim (below the age of forty) whose achievements have brought success to themselves and are inspiration an for others to emulate. (b) The individual has enjoyed exceptional success in their field of endeavour. (c) The individual is also of noteworthy character and seen as a role model for society. This could be for academic achievement, a professional, a sportsman or achieving high office in the public or private sector. Br Ebrahim Patel , Board Member of Minara  emphasised “The youth waqf fund underscores Minaras commitment to the development if Youth Leaders in the community”  He started the ball rolling with a pledge of R10000 on behalf of Minara. Br Solly Suleman, Chairman of Minara, pleased with the outcome of around R85000 in pledges,  said that this was the beginning and more will be added in time. Awqaf SA will invest and manage the waqf in collaboration with the Minara Chamber of Commerce. The initiative was supported by br Edris Khamisa, renowned motivational speaker and educationist.  Khadeeja Manjra, student leader in the Muslim Students Association highlighted the financial constraints faced by the ...

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10th W I E F Forum Recommends High Level Waqf Working Group

In the Closing Statement of the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum held in Dubai (28-30 October 2014)  several recommendations were made.   Amongst other recommendations made in its closing statement,  the Forum recommended the following regarding Waqf: The establishment of the WIEF-IDB International Working Group on Waqf  Development that acts as an information depository centre as well as a clearing house of information.   It is hoped that the above recommendation will be fully implemented and that the outcomes of such a working group will be tremendously beneficial to the local, regional, and global waqf sectors. This recommendation, incidentally, is a priority recommendation and tops the list of recommendations. … Great news for the waqf sector. Awqaf SA  welcomes the recommendation and looks forward to working closely with the WIEF-IB International Working Group.  

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Muslim Professionals Network & Awqaf SA Training Session

The Muslim Professionals Network (MPN) and Awqaf SA are holding a  briefing/training /brainstorming  meeting  on Saturday,  8th November 2014 / 15 Muharram 1436  (09h30 -12h30) at the Albaraka Bank Board Room in Killarney, Johannesburg. The MPN is a group of young professionals of diverse backgrounds an professions including financial, social, and political scientists.  The Agenda will include a conceptual understanding of Waqf, its history, contemporary examples, and a discussion around Awqaf SA – challenges and opportunities. Br Zubair Habib CA (SA), as chairperson of MPN, co-ordinates the session assisted by Br Jameel Nagdee CA (SA).  Presenters include  Zeinoul Abedien Cajee,  (CEO – Awqaf SA) and Arshad Karrim CA(SA) (Awqaf SA Ambassador). Awqaf SA and the MPN have also collaborated on other projects including an education waqf fund. For more info on MPN  visit:        

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