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A special cataract camp sponsored by the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AWQAF SA) in partnership with the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA) and the Gauteng Department of Health in a Public Private Partnership is to be held on the 11, 12th April 2015 at the Leratong Hospital, Krugersdorp. A team of two surgeons and fifteen support staff operating in two theatres will, with the Grace of the Almighty, perform approximately 50 operations. These operations will be performed free of charge to all patients. (A cataract operation can cost up to R15000.) With the help and Mercy of Almighty God a total of 3238 Cataract Operations have been performed since beginning of the project from April 2005 to date. We are very grateful to AWQAF SA for their sponsorship of the cataract project since 2005. We are planning to expand the project to some other hospitals with their kind help. –     Dr Shabbir Hussain, Chief Opthalmologist of the project Cataracts are generally simple to diagnose and the surgery is considered to be a straightforward, quick procedure with few complications. However despite this, the major cause of blindness worldwide is due to cataracts. In keeping with the global initiative of Vision 2020 – the right to sight. A discharge ceremony will be held for the cataract camp on Monday 13th of April at 9:30am at the Nursing School at the Leratong Hospital. All patients will receive a gift hamper by various guests. Awqaf SA is a ...

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Awqaf SA – Boland Islamic Council sign MOU

ALHAMDULLILAH Awqaf SA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Boland Islamic Council (BIC) which represents all the outlying town’s of Cape Town. In the MOU the two organisations agreed to cooperate on joint projects. The establishment of a waqf fund in the name of BIC to which Awqaf SA handed over a cheque of R100 000 towards the establishment of the Boland Islamic Council Waqf Fund. Mickaeel Collier, Deputy CEO of Awqaf SA said: “The BIC will promote Awqaf SA as part of a road show to all the towns of the Boland.” The MOU was signed at the historic site of the Faure Karamat where Shaykh Yusuf lies buried, and at the site where the first muslim community in South Africa was formed. The MOU was signed in front of thousands of people and broadcast live on radio voice of the Cape. Br Mickaeel beseeches Allah to allow this cooperation to grow from strength to strength insha’Allah and asks all concerned to make dua for success. Br Zeinoul Abedien Cajee, Awqaf SA CEO said : ” We are very excited about this initiative and wish to say Barakallahu Fi Kum and Jazakumullahu khairan to all who made this possible – the BIC team and the Awqaf SA team. We wish to particularly thank our Waqf donors who have embraced the waqf concept and helped Awqaf SA reach this point. A special thanks also to our Mutawakllees/ trustees who have supported the management team. We are confident that ...

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