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Waqf Training for Awqaf SA Ambassadors

“A very informative session. Beneficial to new volunteers. We now have a clearer understanding of Waqf, Waqf principles/concepts and jurisprudence. Many more learning sessions still required but a very good start towards empowering the new volunteers” Ahmed Sarang AWQAF SA hosted a Waqf Ambassador training programme on Saturday 23 May 2015. The session was held at the Nana Memorial Centre in Crosby,  Johannesburg. Presenters included Awqaf SA CEO Br ZeinoulAbedien Cajee and Awqaf SA members including Dr Shawkat Alli Thokan, Brs  Sedick Isaacs, Irfaan Gillan, Ismail Munshi, Ahmad Sarang, and Sister Qanita Sedick. The workshop aimed to provide Awqaf ambassador’s with the basic and advanced knowledge of waqf to enable them to advise, consult, train and implement the development of waqf henceforth. The meeting was initiated with a few words by Dr Thokan highlighting the importance of Tarbiyyah. Awqaf CEO ZeinoulAbideen Cajee presented the Maqasid al Sharia (The higher objectives of Sharia’ah) in particular discussing the 5 aims of shari’ah-deen, life,intellect, property and honour with a view of contextualising the place of waqf.  Rules of Waqf was presented in depth by and Br Sedick Isaacs and  various waqf definitions were presented by br  Ismail Munshi.  A timeline of various waqfs in history summarized in a presentation by Sr Qanita Sedick.  The sessions concluded with a recap of current Awqaf SA strategic clusters and further funding and grant ideas by Ahmad Sarang, Irfaan Gillan and Malik Arafat. Each session was followed by a lively discussion. The members found the sessions to ...

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Waqf training empowers ulama

AwqafSA in partnership with the Boland Islamic Council Waqf hosted their first session of Waqf training on Saturday 9th May 2015. The event was hosted in Kromboom Road and presenters included Awqaf SA members, Awqaf SA Deputy CEO Mikaeel Collier, Madina Institute’s Dr Salie Abrahams, former Awqaf SA CEO Raaghieb Najaar and current Awqaf SA CEO Zeinoul Abedien Cajee. The workshop was aimed at training and creating a group of knowledgable individuals on waqf and its principles. This initiative is to encourage members of the public to not only be ambassadors for the partnership but also apply this training to the social upliftment of communities. Awqaf SA Cadre Training Video Clip Many shuyookh and respected ulema, some even coming from Saldanha and the Boland, were in attendance and all of them echoed the importance of waqf. Ml Abdul Khalek Allie, Ameer of the Boland Islamic Council, said that the programme was very enlightening and empowering. He felt that more programmes such as these should be held. “This is a fanastic eye-opener into the true essence of waqf that can be applied in all spheres of life, thereby influencing the actual waqf of life and thinking of an individual,” said Maulana Mogammad Rifaat Carolus from Hopefiled Masjied in Malmesbury. Some of the students from the Madina Institute who were part of the training, said they were happy it was a day course that one could get certified for as well. Mohamed Lwande Makwethu, a Muslim revert, said that he enjoyed how ...

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Muslim Civil Society Conference & Dinner

The Muslim Civil Society Conference brings together Business Leaders, Professionals, Jurists, and representatives of Muslim Civil Society Organisations from across South Africa, with representatives of government, labour and wider civil society to engage with the NDP (National Development Plan) and extract an understanding of the role that we can collectively play in our National Development. The conference begins with a Gala dinner on the evening of Friday, 15 May 2015 at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg. The next day of the Conference, Saturday, will host 500 delegates, participating in 8 Panel discussions, structured along the specific chapters of the NDP, with each panel consisting of a Moderator, Government Leader, Labour Leader, Businesss Leader, and two Civil Society Leaders. Click here to REGISTER online   Awqaf SA is a proud supporter and co-sponsor of Auwal Socio-Economic  Research Institute (ASRI) and the Muslim Civil Society Conference (MCSC 2015).

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Cape Town hosts Waqf Cadre Training

As part of the outcome of the recently signed MOU between Awqaf SA and the Boland Islamic Council, a special Waqf Cadre Training workshop will be conducted on the subject of Awqaf and how it relates and contributes to meaningful and sustainable community development. WORKSHOP DETAILS: Date: Saturday, 9 May 2015 Venue: Executive Venues, Kromboom Gardens Centre, Kromboom Road Time: 10.30 registrations 11.00am – 5pm Due to limited seating and the facilitation of catering arrangements, it is imperative that we receive your registration early. Registration will be done on a first-come first-serve basis. Kindly complete the form below in block letters and fax or email: Soraya Williams at the AWQAF SA office or 021 697 3556 Click here to download REGISTRATION FORM  

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Awqaf SA Present at Academic Recognition Awards

  Awqaf SA was invited by Grassy Park High School to attend their academic awards recognition programme. Awqaf SA sponsored part of the programme and was afforded the opportunity to address the school. Deputy CEO of Awqaf SA, Mickaeel Collier, addressed the learners on the importance of the contribution the Youth have in acquiring knowledge in order to provide positively to the growth and development of South Africa. He quoted the philosopher Al Ghazaali who said, “knowledge that is not put in to use is but monumental wastage.” Grassy Park High School is situated in a lower middle income area that borders sub economic areas so the school caters for an array of learners with some great challenges. The Principal of the School Mrs. Woolward said, “…that the school staff and parent body are committed to bringing back excellence to Grassy Park High and wishes to thank Awqaf SA for assisting us with this objective.” Learners were issued with Academic, Cultural and TurnAround awards of recognition across the grades. The programme also included a Blazer Award ceremony given in recognition of meritorious and exemplary academic, moral, cultural and sporting achievements

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