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Awqaf SA – Boland Islamic Council sign MOU

ALHAMDULLILAH Awqaf SA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Boland Islamic Council (BIC) which represents all the outlying town’s of Cape Town. In the MOU the two organisations agreed to cooperate on joint projects. The establishment of a waqf fund in the name of BIC to which Awqaf SA handed over a cheque of R100 000 towards the establishment of the Boland Islamic Council Waqf Fund. Mickaeel Collier, Deputy CEO of Awqaf SA said: “The BIC will promote Awqaf SA as part of a road show to all the towns of the Boland.” The MOU was signed at the historic site of the Faure Karamat where Shaykh Yusuf lies buried, and at the site where the first muslim community in South Africa was formed. The MOU was signed in front of thousands of people and broadcast live on radio voice of the Cape. Br Mickaeel beseeches Allah to allow this cooperation to grow from strength to strength insha’Allah and asks all concerned to make dua for success. Br Zeinoul Abedien Cajee, Awqaf SA CEO said : ” We are very excited about this initiative and wish to say Barakallahu Fi Kum and Jazakumullahu khairan to all who made this possible – the BIC team and the Awqaf SA team. We wish to particularly thank our Waqf donors who have embraced the waqf concept and helped Awqaf SA reach this point. A special thanks also to our Mutawakllees/ trustees who have supported the management team. We are confident that more initiatives like these can be made in the future with communities in other areas and that more community members, leaders, youth, women, professionals, and ulama will embrace the Prophetic and Divine institution of Waqf and help Awqaf SA reach greater heights, and thereby help empower communities, inshallah”. In the meanwhile, in a statement released by the BIC, Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie said: “As salaamu alaykum, respected members, we the Boland Islamic Council (BIC) salute Awqaf SA in this historic moment in the history of the BIC. The BIC is celebrating 30 years of existence in 2015. The BIC coordinates the Imams, Madrasa education system, youth activities and other programmes for most Boland Towns. We are committed as the BIC to take Awqaf  and the Waqf concept, and teachings to all the 18 Towns, InshaAllah. Our Ulama have embraced the opportunity to work with Awqaf SA InshaAllah and believe that ...

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