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Channel Islam International (CII) Radio declared a waqf.

Awqaf SA salutes Channel Islam International (CII) for transforming into a waqf. We are proud of this decision and we pledge our support to CII for taking this extraordinary decision for a South African private company to be effectively converted to an NGO. This conversion means that the shareholders have relinquished their shareholdings from private capital to public capital that belongs to Allah. Alhamdulillah. This an an excellent example to other businesses be they sole proprietors, companies, or partnerships. Giving by way of waqf is the way to go for the future development of the Ummah. This has been demonstrated throughout our glorious history. A revival of the lost legacy of the waqf system is a calling of our time. We are reminded of the verse in sura Al e Imran: “None of you will attain righteousness  until you give of what you love” This is the verse that led many Sahaba (RA). To give of their best properties as Waqf. Once again, Awqaf SA is proud of you and welcomes you to the Awqaf  family. We wish you all the success in your ventures. On behalf of our Mutawallees, Management, Donors, Volunteers, Ambassadors.

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AwqafSA in Uganda

Zeinoul Cajee from AwqafSA conducted a Waqf training session and this is an Overview of  the Ugandan visit. Ugandan muslims are highly educated and they hold quite a few PHD’s and they have well qualified Shayks and Imams. AwqafSA has identified a need to have a strategic relationship with the the Ugandan Muslim Community. Uganda has a beautiful university called the The Islamic University in Uganda  that has 4 Campuses including a Medical University and a 150 bed hospital on the same campus. The land for the university is waqf and was granted by Prince Cassim. Uganda has a very interesting history. Islam came  as late as 1844. King Mutesa embraced Islam at the hands of an Arab/Swahili  Trader. Mutesa called on his people to embrace Islam. And learnt and taught. The Ugandan mother tongue is Swahili and Arabic. Makerere University boasts many are Muslim Professors and Prof. Abasi is a professor of Literature and a devout activist as well. The rector of the islamic University in Uganda urged Africans to be self reliant citing the crisis in the middle east and elsewhere and stated: AFRICA YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. DONT DEPEND ON OTHERS. WE MUST BUILD UP OUR OWN INSTITUTIONS OF WAQF AND ZAKAH. Shaykh Taliep from IPSA university during his talk emphasised the Maqasid of Waqf as promoting Al Khayr – goodness and in the public interest in line with the maqasid of the shariah – the higher objectives of the Shariah. Zeinoul Cajee spoke about the justification and rationale for establishing the waqf system and shared a few ...

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AwqafSA attends Turkish-African Summit

Zeinoul Abedien Cajee from AwqafSA attended a think tank summit on Turkish-African relations. The aim of the summit was to strengthen cooperation between African countries and Turkey and more specifically focus in the areas of construction and health. The two day summit was held in Istanbul durinmg 19/20 December 2015 and Turkey’s Deputy Prime minister Yalçın Akdoğan stressed the links between the Ottoman Empire and African nations. He considered people of Africa as he stated “our brothers and sisters” and he wanted to foster trade relations with the continent in an ethical manner. “Since 2005, opportunities for creating equal level cooperation between Turkey and African countries have been enabled. The first aim in this direction was to increase the number of Turkish diplomatic missions in Africa. The Republic of Turkey, with the Turkey-Africa Cooperation Summits, the first of which was in August 2008 and the second in November 2014, manifested its desire to increase the level of cooperation with all African countries. In 2010 Ankara accepted its Africa Strategic Document. With this document Ankara put forward its approach of “solidarity for a common future.” It explained what should be done in the near future and read: “The steps that have been taken by Turkey as a state strategy have to expand into the civil level of cooperation for them to become more established and to be carried into the future. In fact, it is more important to prioritize civil cooperation for the future of Turkish-African relations.”  (Excerpt from Daily Sabah) Rationale ...

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Call for Papers: 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa

Dear Brother/ Sister/ Dr/ Prof/ Sh/ Ml Assalamualaykum WRWB Trust you are well with the Grace and Mercy of Allah. IRCICA, Awqaf SA, and UKZN  in association with the IPSA are delighted to invite you to submit an abstract for consideration and evaluation for the forthcoming 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa to be held in Durban during 4-6 March 2016. Kindly see the attached call for papers. Click here to download. or click below: Call for Papers 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa – Durban 4-6 March 2016 NB. Closing Date for abstract submission: 25 December 2015 Wassalaam. Congress Secretariat Awqaf SA If you are keen on attending  

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Sanzaf Conference: Zakaat and Waqf

Awqaf SA attended a Conference on Zakaat and Waqf hosted by Sanzaf in Pretoria over two. The event attracted delegates from around South Africa and speakers who came from the far corners of the globe to to present their papers and case studies. Conference highlights Professor Irfan Beik (Indonesia) boasts an extensive CV as is considered as a Finance expert, he also hosts a talk show on Smart FM. Professor Beik presented the “Core Principles for Effective Zakaat Supervision” and he raised the following valid points during his presentation:  The quality of Zakaat Management is determined by good Zakaat Governance Global co operation w.r.t Zakaat is required to strengthen Zakaah Zakaah Management is handled by the Government in Islamic countries like Pakistan and in Saudi In the case of minority Muslim country, Zakaat institutions should comply with prevailing local regulation and the legal Islamic Council. We need to change the perception in the ummah, so Zakaat can make the desired impact. Productive based Zakaat distribution is imperative to ensure the effectiveness of Zakaat. The Allocation to distribution ratio has to be measured to evaluate if the Zakaat Distribution officer is effective. An index has been created by Prof. Irfan and his wife to measure the impact of Zakaat on poverty alleviation. A strong IT infrastructure is required to ensure an effective report retrievals system. A Shariah audit is required for all Zakaat organizations.   Event Photos On Awqaf, Zakah and Micro Finance as tools for empowerment #awqafsa #sanzafconference Posted by ...

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