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Social Upliftment for Orphans

Darushifa together with Awqaf SA decided that as part of its Social Upliftment Programme for Orphans,  to avail the space at  the Elderly Care Centre in Lenasia for orphaned children to play and interact with the elderly in a safe environment.  To create a day of fun and laughter for both generations.  To bring awareness to social responsibilities towards the elders from the youth. Our first fun day took place on Sunday 22 July 2018 and we were honoured to host the the Al Hudaar Orphanage in Lenasia. The kids were excited to play on the jumping castle and partake in the arts and crafts. There was enough space to play around with a soccer ball for an informal match. Snacks and light lunch followed. Lots of vitamin D going around in the beautiful sunny day we had alhamdulillah.   This day and the activities was enjoyed by the orphans and the elderly residents from DaruShifa.  It was indeed a day filled with laughter and fun. Insha’allah we shall endeavour to make this a monthly or bi-monthly event and invite a different orphanage each time. ‘Every Happy Memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime’ – Donna Marie Photo highlights

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Water, and hope, for Sabie schools in Mpumalanga

THE idea of 67 Minutes for Mandela – a call to global action based on Madiba’s 67 years of sacrifice for others – is a daily reality for NGOs in South Africa. And whilst many people willingly embrace the idea on 18 July that we all have the power to change lives, for them it is an annual event, seldom going beyond the “67 moment”. For Awqaf South Africa and the Crescent of Hope there are frequent calls for help, so much so that regular projects often have to go on hold to service the urgent needs of communities.  One such call was made in the town of Sabie, situated in the Tshabashew Municipality of Mpumalanga Province. Two schools, Lindani Primary and Memezela High School, had been severely challenged by a lack of water, its pumps burning out last year and not being replaced. So serious was the problem of sanitation and lack of water that classes sometimes had to be cancelled as early as 10 am for the safety of the learners. Educators were complaining that this was severely affecting the delivery of education. Faizal Essack, a volunteer for both Crescent of Hope and Awqaf SA, said he received a call from local MP, Mr AF (Fish) Mahlalela that the schools were in dire need. Essack says that was when Awqaf SA and the Awqaf Minors Affairs Foundation, coordinated by the Crescent of Hope, swung into action. “A few weeks ago we dug two boreholes, installed a water tank ...

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AWQAF SA PRESS STATEMENT: Awqaf South Africa extends a warm welcome to President Recep Tayyib Erdogan and First Lady Emine Erdogan on ftheir first presidential visit to South Africa and the 11th BRICS summit. Turkey remains the most prominent and stable democracy in its region with a recent 90% voter turnout in the 24 June 2018 parliamentary and presidential elections. With an active citizenry, Turkey and its great people continue to enjoy stability and good governance. Furthermore, we have witnessed under the leadership of President Erdogan the reformation of Turkish society, and we are proud of the positive transition brought about under his government. We note with pride that Turkey has been listed as the most charitable nation in 2017, with nearly $8.1 billion disbursed in humanitarian aid. This equates to almost 30% of all international humanitarian aid, dwarfing the United States of America’s contribution of $6.68 billion, Germany’s $2.98 billion and the U.K.’s $2.52 billion. In addition, Turkey as a major regional and global power currently perpetuates a positive legacy of outstanding economic growth, as well as heading an educational, humanitarian, spiritual and political revival, which benefits other Muslim communities and world communities by upholding the values of justice and peace. Turkey has come to represent an Islamic model that rationalizes traditional and modern values in a seamless expression that is devoid of extremism and intolerance, something that has become the norm in many successful societies across the globe. In sharing this vision, and in recognition of his unwavering ...

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Sisters Seerah Circle

Madina Institute and Awqaf SA presents a six week program covering lessons and inspiration from the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu alayhi wa salam). 💙To know him is to Love him💙 صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم COURSE PRESENTER: Sr Zaheera Cajee (Madina Institute Alumni ’16). COURSE DATES: 6 X Sessions (Every Thursday) Commencing: 14 February 2019 🖥️ONLINE REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL: LIMITED SPACE: WHO SHOULD ATTEND: ALL SISTERS WELCOME! COURSE FEE: R350 ( ☕ Includes prints & refreshments) PAYMENT: The Course fee should be paid to: Awqaf SA, FNB ISLAMIC FINANCE AC: 62052040145, BC: 250655 RE: Cell /Name/Ref: SSC 2019 BY EFT OR BANK DEPOSIT. Proof of payment may be emailed to or WhatsApped to 0847860711 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact ☎️ 078 0999 499 / / Loading… _____________________________________________________________________ February 17 Feedback “To Know Him is to Love Him.” (Sallalahu ‘Alayhi Wasalam) 17 February- Commencement of the six week Sisters Seerah Circle, hosted by Awqaf-SA and Madina Institute SA. It was an inspirational and emotive start as we embarked on a journey of learning about the Greatest Human Being and Prophet to have lived (peace be upon him). It is incumbent upon every muslim to develop a profound love for the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This week gives us an opportunity to reflect, as we learned about the exceptional character traits of the blessed fathers of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Haashim, Abdul Muttalib and Abdullah. We reflected and took lesson from the ...

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Giving eyesight for Madiba

Local NGO performs free cataract ops in Leratong Hospital AWQAF SOUTH AFRICA, a developmental NGO,  in association with the local Islamic Medical Association (IMA) and the Pakistani Community of South Africa, have run an annual Cataract Project for the past 13 years, and have performed over 5, 200 free cataract operations in South Africa. This year, a Nelson Mandela Commemoration Cataract Camp is being held at Leratong Hospital, Krugersdorp, from 14 to 18 July 2018. According to Awqaf SA deputy CEO Mickaeel Collier, their target is to bestow the gift of sight, at no cost, to at least 67 patients by removing their cataracts. The discharge ceremony of the patients will take place on 18 July at 9:30 am at the Leratong Hospital. The Mandela Cataract Camp is fully sponsored by Awqaf SA. Doctors from the IMA and the Pakistani community provide the medical service, also at no cost. The project is coordinated by Dr Shabbir Hussain from the Pakistani community of South Africa. According to Collier, more cataract camps will be run in Cape Town, and other rural areas, in the near future. For further comment call Mickaeel Collier 082-216-4269

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