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IIIW Waqf Project Management Training starts in Cape Town

  The International Inrtitute of Islamic Waqf Project Management Training commenced on Friday 22 March 2013 at Executive Venues, Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East Cape Town. The programme started with an introduction to AWQAF SA and included a video show, addresses by Awqaf SA Chairman Br Haroon Kalla, Awqaf Sa CEO Br Raaghieb Najjaar and IIIW Consultant and Board me mber Dr Sami Salahat. There was an excellent exchange of ideas and elaboration of each others projects and programme. One of the projects highlighted by Awqaf Sa was the Waqf Academy. This is an online waqf education programme that is targeted internationally to anyone who wishes to enrol. The exam will be conducted online and the results will also be provided online.  This programme will be launched in the near future insahllah. Currently, the first draft of the course materials is ready. The particiants then went to the Mountview Masjid foir Jumuah where one of the Trainee participants Dr Fuaad Sadaqa from Saudi Arabia delivered an outstanding lecture (pre Khutbah talk) on the subject of Waqf and encouraged people to learn and implement this great institution of Waqf in their homes, families, businesses, and communities for public good and charity. The talk was delivered in Arabic and translated by resident Imam Sh Thafier Najjaar (Trustee of Awqaf SA and Vice President of the Islamic Council of South Africa).      

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Awqaf SA and IIIW sign MOU of Friendship and Cooperation

    Br Haroon Kalla, chairman of the Council of Mutawallees of  the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA)  and the Dr Sami Salahat, Board Member and Consultant for the  International Institute of Islamic Waqf  (IIIW) signed a  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of Friendship and Cooperation. Both AWQAF SA & IIIW are NGO’s concerned with, the training and the development of skills and expertise in Islamic Charitable organisations wirh particular emphasis on the study of institution of Waqf. . In terms of the MOU: AWQAF SA & IIIW undertake to cooperate with each other in their respective spheres of activity and shall at all times uphold the friendship among themselves.  AWQAF SA & IIIW undertake, when possible, expedient, or appropriate, to undertake joint projects with due mutual consultation. Any joint undertaking or project shall be agreed upon and reduced to writing  The AWQAF SA & IIIW shall respect each other’s equal status, differences in their organizational cultures, and independence.   Awqaf SA official, br Zeinoul  explained that the MOU is about friendship  and cooperation betwen the two organisations based on the Quranic verse imploring  cooperation among believers based on righteousness, piety, and taqwa.    The practical outcome of the cooperation is the current training programme that is being hosted by Awqaf SA in Cape Town, South Africa.  IIIW official, Br Anas AlDowayan emphasised various areas of cooperation and prayed for future successful programs.   A second MOU was also signed by Br Raaghieb Najjaar (Awqaf SA CEO)  and ...

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6th IIIW Waqf Training Programme, Cape Town

UAE & Malaysia based  International Institute of Islamic Waqf (IIIW) will be holding their 6th  annual training programme in Cape during 22-27 March 2013. Participants will be drawn from from various International Awqaf and Islamic Charitable institutions and will be cohosted by the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AWQAF SA). Click here to download details of the programme in Arabic. Click here  to view the programme in English The organisers urge brothers and sisters   and all participants to please send copies of their passports for the purpose of issuing visas for them before March 7, 2013. Registration fee USD2000. Accommodation available at additional cost at the Capetonian Hotel. For more information: please contact Brother Ammar Ghalibi mobile telephone 00966502749403, E-mail:  amarjicc@yahoo.com For South Africans, you may contact: Dr Salie Abrahams  on 0218237706  / email: awqafcape@awqafsa.org.za  or info@awqafsa.org.za International Institute of Islamic Waqf, Malaysia Dr. Sami Al-Salahat  / Consultant, International Institute of Islamic WAQF, IIIW.  UAE & Malaysia, www. iiiow. org  

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2nd Awqaf SA LDP Programme

2nd Awqaf SA – Leadership Development Programme PROGRAMME Date – 1 December 2012 Venue – Executive Venues, Kromboom Gardens, Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East 8:00a.m. – 9:00a.m. Registration Opening Dua & Welcome AwqafSA introduction & video Plenary 1 / Session 1 – Leaders in Motion: Anecdotes of success   Shahied Daniels – CEO: South African Institute of Professional Accountants Khalid Abdullah – CEO: Sekunjalo Investments (JSE Listed Company) Networking Tea Break Plenary 2 / Session 2 – Psychology of Leadership: Anything is Possible   Dr Salie Abrahams – (Harvard University PHD graduate & Project Executive AwqafSA Western Cape) Yaseen Carelse – (Stellenbosch University Award winning student & SRC representative) Plenary 3 / Session3 – Women in Leadership   Cheryl Carolus – (Ex Ambassador to the UK & Community Activist) – Invited Fatima Jakoet – (SAA Pilot, MBA & Forensics Scholar) Closure, Vote of Thanks,  Special award announcements and Prize Giving Thuhr & Lunch   Photos   

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Call to youth to attend the 2nd Awqaf SA Leadership Development Programme

LAST 10 Days to Register EXCELLENT SPEAKERS: TO VIEW  THE PROGRAMME: CLICK HERE: https://awqafsa.org.za/2012/11/20/2nd-awqaf-sa-ldp-programme/   Venue: Executive Venues, Kromboom Gardens, Kromboom Rd, Rondebosch East When: 1 December 2012 – 18 Muharram 1434 Time: 8:00 – 9:00 Registration Registration Fees: R100.00 per person. (Includes notes, lunch and teas). Contact Person: Dr Salie Abrahams Contact Number: 021 823 7706 Email address: awqafcape@awqafsa.org.za   The objectives of the programme are to: Create/ provide opportunities for young people in the community through networking. Create a vibe/opportunity to be part of a Professional/winning Society and in the process create hope for others. Direct young people to a socially  & spiritually  conscious future. Contribute to aspire to success and the deprivation of failure (failure of the community is not an option). Contribute to leadership development in the community. Fulfill our obligation/ objectives of establishing Waqf & giving back to the Community. Utilize the opportunity to revolutionise our Community & reiterate our relevance in South Africa & the Ummah at large. Inculcate a culture of social responsibility in our future leaders. Develop  youth that will have a sense of belonging and hope.   Awqaf SA requests that you grace us with your presence at our 2nd Leadership Development Programme  on the  1 December 2012/ 18 Muharram 1434 in Cape Town.  For online registration, please visit https://awqafsa.org.za/awqaf-sa-leadership-development-programme-2012-registration/  

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