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Call for Papers: 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa

Dear Brother/ Sister/ Dr/ Prof/ Sh/ Ml Assalamualaykum WRWB Trust you are well with the Grace and Mercy of Allah. IRCICA, Awqaf SA, and UKZN  in association with the IPSA are delighted to invite you to submit an abstract for consideration and evaluation for the forthcoming 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa to be held in Durban during 4-6 March 2016. Kindly see the attached call for papers. Click here to download. or click below: Call for Papers 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa – Durban 4-6 March 2016 NB. Closing Date for abstract submission: 25 December 2015 Wassalaam. Congress Secretariat Awqaf SA If you are keen on attending  

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Sanzaf Conference: Zakaat and Waqf

Awqaf SA attended a Conference on Zakaat and Waqf hosted by Sanzaf in Pretoria over two. The event attracted delegates from around South Africa and speakers who came from the far corners of the globe to to present their papers and case studies. Conference highlights Professor Irfan Beik (Indonesia) boasts an extensive CV as is considered as a Finance expert, he also hosts a talk show on Smart FM. Professor Beik presented the “Core Principles for Effective Zakaat Supervision” and he raised the following valid points during his presentation:  The quality of Zakaat Management is determined by good Zakaat Governance Global co operation w.r.t Zakaat is required to strengthen Zakaah Zakaah Management is handled by the Government in Islamic countries like Pakistan and in Saudi In the case of minority Muslim country, Zakaat institutions should comply with prevailing local regulation and the legal Islamic Council. We need to change the perception in the ummah, so Zakaat can make the desired impact. Productive based Zakaat distribution is imperative to ensure the effectiveness of Zakaat. The Allocation to distribution ratio has to be measured to evaluate if the Zakaat Distribution officer is effective. An index has been created by Prof. Irfan and his wife to measure the impact of Zakaat on poverty alleviation. A strong IT infrastructure is required to ensure an effective report retrievals system. A Shariah audit is required for all Zakaat organizations.   Event Photos On Awqaf, Zakah and Micro Finance as tools for empowerment #awqafsa #sanzafconference Posted by ...

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Waqf Masterclass

A Waqf Masterclass will be conducted on Sunday 25 October 2015 to coincide with the Awqaf, Zakah Conference on Microfinance being organised by the SA National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) in association with AWQAF SA. Click here for more info about the Conference.  

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Report on the Masjid Al Rahman Greening Project

Community centres like masjids are the perfect spaces in which we can be present, interact with and contemplate the wonder of nature and Allah, the creator. In these environments we recharge our energy as well as integrate with our community. …Nicholas Luqmaan McLean Masjid Al-Rahman has so much potential to be more than just a brief salaah stop, but rather a waqf in which the community can do many different spiritually uplifting activities. In order to open up interest and opportunities for this to happen we arranged a greening day of planting trees and other plants at masjid Al-Rahman. I’m so thankful  to AWQAF SA’s   suggestion  of making this event a larger one to involve a wider audience. This led to gaining support from Irfaan (Awqaf ambassador) and Fatima Ragie (Green Deen) who swiftly started flexing their ‘people power’ by sharing our green intentions that resulted in around 40 people joining in the day of hard work. There was a lot of digging, carrying water and Compost material, planting and sharing ideas about how to plant and grow plants. It was a hot, dry sunny spring day and we provided fresh ‘feedmegreen’ smoothies to nourish and quench all the people present. I was really impressed with the willingness of everyone involved, I feel privileged to have worked with you all and wish you will benefit abundantly from the abundance of blessings that come from this initiative. I must mention a young man named Ebrahim who humbly approached each task ...

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Water for a 5000 strong Community

Another borehole project was completed. This is the 4th borehole undertaken by Awqaf SA and implemented with the assistance of Crescent of Hope and SANZAF. “We hope that the 5000 strong community  of Mankweng will benefit immensely from their new freshwater borehole. We like to see the smiles and joy on the faces of these school learners who will be benefitting from the project. Our boreholes are done predominantly in school premises so that the school and community can benefit.” said Br Zeinoul Abedien Cajee, Awqaf SA CEO. The project was donated as a waqf by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous. Anyone else interested in donating towards a borehole which costs around R45000 – R50000 should contact Awqaf SA on  

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