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Lessons on Leadership Movie Clip

Book Review: Leadership Lessons from the Life of Rasoolallah (p) View the book review presented by New Wave Productions.

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Invite to WAQF Seminar in Malaysia

INVITATION MUKTAMAR WAQF IQLIMI 2014 Theme: Enhancing The Economy of The Ummah Through Waqf and Baitulmal Date: 29 April 2014 (Tuesday) Venue: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Website: Organiser; PUSAT PEMBANGUNAN PEMBIAYAAN WAKAF (PPPW) CENTRE FOR AWQAF FINANCING DEVELOPMENT UNIVERSITI SAINS ISLAM MALAYSIA (USIM)   INVITATION FOR PARTICIPANTS / NON AUTHORS It is our great privilege and honour to invite you to participate in MUKTAMAR WAQF IQLIMI 2014 as the Non-Author Participant that to be held at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), on 29 April 2014, The MUKTAMAR WAQF IQLIMI 2014 provides a platform for open dialogues and discussions among academics, researchers, postgraduate students, and practitioners to address current and pertinent issues, prospects, challenges and opportunities in the field of Waqf and Baitulmal in ASEAN and the World. The concept of Waqf is parallel with Zakat and Baitulmal, in its importance, especially in enhancing the economy of the ummah. Waqf is outlined by Islam as a fiscal measure bridging the economic gap amongst society with the objective of achieving the spirit of justice and the ultimate goal of al-Falah. Therefore it is hoped that every citizen in ASEAN and the World should be empowered by the Islamic economy system and benefit from the strengthening and development of the economy of the ummah. To arrive at the general aim of the seminar, these objectives are proposed;       As a platform in the dissemination of knowledge and exchange information / experiences to be applied in the development of Institutions of Higher ...

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Yawar Baig Book Launch

Yawar Baig Gauteng Book Launch Photo Album

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Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool to address Gautengers

SA Ambassador to the USA will adress the networking dinner organised by AWQAF SA and MINARA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE on 22 April 2014, at the Al Ghazali Sports Centre, Erasmia, Gauteng. Rasool accompanies  a USA Muslim trade delegation to South Africa.        

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Awqaf SA nominates students to participate in Leadership Programme

Al Azhar Youth Leadership Institute (AYLI) Indonesia Mini Leadership Program Management & Communications   A Call for Youth to be a future Global Leader!   AYLI, Indonesia with the Permai Pencak Silat South Africa had a Mini Leadership Program, on the 2nd & 3rd April, 2014, from 10am-1pm, in Bosmont.   The Program aimed to teach Youth in Leadership, Management and Communication. This was an introductory Program to South Africans. Admission to this Program was FREE. The full Program is normally over a period of 5 days in Indonesia.   Permai Pencak Silat South Africa extended an invitation to the Al Azhar Youth Leadership Institute, Indonesia, to undertake a Leadership Training as bridge building exercise between South African and the Indonesian Youth. This Leadership Program will greatly enhance the abilities of our youth to enable them to not only to develop as individuals but as leaders.   The Permai Pencak Silat Management assisted the Al Azhar Youth Leadership Institute in co-ordinating and implementing the abovementioned program.   Forty students between the ages of 15 -23 years, from various Institutes like The Albayaan Youth Group, Khairul Maadaris Madrassa, Fundani Leadership Academy, Bosmont Muslim School, The Al Azhar Muslim School, Nizamiye School, Florida Park High, St Barnabas School, Vorentoe, CJB High School, Parktown Girls & Wits University,  some affiliates of AWQAF SA, attended.   On completion of this Youth Leadership Mini Course, a Certificate of Acknowledgement of Attendance was issued by the Al Azhar Youth Leadership Institution, Indonesia & Permai Pencak Silat ...

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