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Launch of Awqaf International Organisation (AIO)

A group of Islamic endowments, or Awqaf, and the Dubai government have launched an international organization tasked with improving investments made in the sector, the founding members said late on Tuesday. The Awqaf International Organization (AIO) aims to coordinate commercial efforts of sharia-compliant charitable foundations from around the globe, to give them economies of scale and improve profitability. Awqaf receive donations from Muslims around the world to operate social projects such as mosques, schools and welfare schemes. They have amassed huge holdings of real estate, commercial enterprises and other assets, which according to a Dubai government estimate total $1 trillion globally. “It is crucial that we consolidate our efforts to manage and invest Awqaf assets, capital, and returns in a sharia compliant manner,” said Imad Kaddoura, secretary general of Awqaf Canada, one of the founding members of the AIO. Management of some awqaf assets has been criticised as inefficient, with money often tied up in property or bank deposits that earn miniscule or even zero returns, imposing economic costs on local economies. The AIO would help awqaf customize initiatives according to geographies to achieve maximum social impact, said Zeinoul Abedien Cajee, national coordinator of Johannesburg-based Awqaf SA. The body has also been tasked with recommending unified templates for legal frameworks and overseeing applications of sharia standards in accounting, reviewing, and governance, said Husain Benyounis, secretary general of Awqaf New Zealand. Dubai first announced the initiative in 2013, as part of efforts by the emirate to expand in several areas of ...

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International Quraan Recital Competition 2016

by Shaikh Muntahaa Kenny The annual International Quraan Recital Awards (IQRA) successfully took place from 22- 25 September 2016 at the Giedmatul Islamia (Taronga Road) Masjid, in Rondebosch East, Cape Town. Organised by the South African Quraan Union, Rondebosch East Islamic Trust (incorporating the Giedmatul Islamia Masjid), Awqaf SA, and Madrasah Tarteelul Quraan (Pietermaritzburg), the event is an attempt to honour the efforts of teachers and students involved with propagating the Quraan and its principles in South Africa. The occasion is also used as a platform to train upcoming local reciters for international competitions and to maintain high standards of recitation. Preceded by various preliminary programs throughout the country, the final event registered a number of 74 male and female participants during the four- day occasion. Contestants in the male section were divided into four age categories whilst the female division comprised of an open-aged recitation challenge. The Winners Mariam Gallie and Abdurraghiem Brown from Cape Town, Abdullah Faziri from Newcastle, Muhammad Al Nawawi from Malaysia, and Zaid Kara from Johannesburg, emerged as the winners of the female, under 15, under 18, under 23, and over 24 years categories respectively. Rawbiah Isaacs (Cape Town), Muhammed Uzayr Eshak (Pietermaritzburg), Fareed Abrahams (Cape Town), Bilale Milase (Howick, KZN), and Abdullah Forbes (Cape Town) achieved the first runner up positions, followed by Ammaarah Boomgaard (Johannesburg), Gaazim Adams (Cape Town), Masood Patel (Durban), M. Zahwudeen Zardad (Johannesburg), and Tohier Kara (Johannesburg). In the special feature, known as the Champ of Champs category’, winners from the ...

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The Silat Heritage Day

The Silat Heritage Day event or Hari Warisan Silat was held on 25th September 2016. The objective was to create an event for Silat members and their families through the sport of Silat Olahraga. A mini tournament was held on the day and the prizes were sponsored by AWQAFSA for the 3 best fighters chosen. Winners were awarded Sportsman’s Warehouse vouchers. The Winners Best performance 7-10yrs old Mujaahid Saliem Best performance 11-14yrs Mariam Baker Best Performance 15yrs and up Nur Ahmad Salie The event was also held in celebration of South African heritage day, whereby the contribution of the Muslims from Indonesia to the spread of Islam in South African was celebrated. 5 silat groups were represented from the Cape Town Silat School Seni Silat Pukulan Melaka South Africa : 1. Gelanggang Tanah Ayer: Plumstead 2. Gelanggang Taman Hijau: Schaapkraal 3. Gelanggang Kayu Kuat: Goodwood Masjid 4. Gelanggang Jauh: Mitchells Plain 5: Gelanggang Mata Burung: Panorama 5 weeks before the tournament, Pesilats were given special training about the rules and regulations and techniques of Silat Olahraga the official sport sparring category of silat. This aimed was to boost the technical knowledge of the Silat fighters as well as the officials.    

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Emmerging Community Qurbani 2016

Alhamdullilah Awqaf SA in partnership with Diyanet vaqf Turkey, Sanzaf the MJC and Boland Islamic Council has just concluded it’s Amaanah of the during a Qurbani meat in the Emerging Community Qurbani Project 2016. Overview A Total of 1475 shares has been completed in South Africa, Mozambique and Angola totalling close to R2,4million.  Over the past 3 days over 63 centres in Johannesburg and 24 centres received a total of 375 sheep in Gauteng and 53 cows across Cape Town and surrounding areas. We also thank National Coordinatirs Hoosen Essof, Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie, our logistics team headed by Ridah Hendricks and Rameez Adams (Cape Town) and Goolam and Muhsin Kolia (Gauteng), our slaughter crew headed by Moulana Abdurahmaan Abrahams and Moulana Ashraf Lamara our livestock crew headed by Hajjie Sulaiman and his team and our operations crew headed by Hajjie Ihsaan Allie and Zubayr Allie. Over the past 3 days over 63 centres in Johannesburg and 24 centres received a total of 375 sheep in Gauteng and 53 cows across Cape Town and surrounding areas. Event Highlights The joy that this Emerging Community Qurbani project has brought to the hearts of the community cannot be measured and will stay with us for a lifetime. Amongst the most memorable highlights was the slaughter at Al Waagah Institute for the Deaf and a brother in Khayaletsha that walked in to the activity at the Qurbani and embraced Islam. JazakaAllah khair to all for support and well wishes Photo Highlights from across ...

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Shamima Shaikh Commemorative Lecture

“In celebrating and memorialising Shamima Shaikh, we also remind ourselves that the struggle for an egalitarian society has not ended, it continues, and needs each one of us to put our shoulder to the wheel of justice as it trudges along the path of history.” Thandile Kona – President of the MYM The Muslim Youth Movement Gender Desk commemorated and celebrated the life of the late Shamima Shaikh, one of South Africa’s most prominent Muslim gender rights’ activists. The Shamima Shaikh Commemorative Lecture was held at the Bo Kaap Musuem, 31 Wale Street, Cape Town on the 17th September 2016. Shamima passed away at her home in Mayfair Johannesburg on January 08th after suffering a relapse of cancer. Shamima through her commitment to Islam, believed it was imperative to speak out and act against all kinds of injustices, especially racial and gender discrimination. As a proponent for gender justice within the South African Muslim community.Shamima championed the causes of women’s access and inclusion in sacred spaces, a just Muslim Personal Law and promoted, through her own example, women’s leadership and scholarship. Dr. Fatima Seedat delivered a presentation titled: “Narratives of empowerment: Muslim women and the Gender jihad in South Africa.” at the Shamima Shaikh Lecture.

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