National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa

National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa

Sisters Seerah Circle

Madina Institute and Awqaf SA presents a six week program covering lessons and inspiration from the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu alayhi wa salam). ????To know him is to Love him???? صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم COURSE PRESENTER: Sr Zaheera Cajee (Madina Institute Alumni ’16). COURSE DATES:…

Waqf: Its basic operational structure

 / September 05,2017
Murat Çizakça studies waqfs evolution and economic contribution, one of the foremost institutional contributions of Muslims to humanity. by Prof. Dr Murat Çizakça[1] The waqf, its basic operational structure, development and contribution As its name suggests, this article deals with the modus operandi, evolution and economic contribution of waqfs, one…