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Awqaf Uganda: 1st AGM

AWQAF UGANDA HOLDS THE 1ST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING On Saturday 30th November 2013 the National Awqaf Foundation of Uganda (Awqaf Uganda) held the first Annual General Meeting at Makerere University Mosque Garden (Awqaf Office) following inception in 2011.It was a recall of all the ten (10) members of Board of Trustees, Executive management, subcommittee and all registered/paid up members. The ideology is to join efforts, think together and build/develop this new initiative in Uganda. Twenty (20) members turned up in attendance to discuss and draw strategic plans for the Initiative. Ideas and extensive discussions resulted in important resolutions which are key avenues for development and success of this initiative. To note but a few; Corporate governance. Members resolved to emphasize and ensure accountability and transparence to safe guard all resources to Awqaf such that the society benefits from its efforts. Resource mobilization; an engine to creating a sustainable fund. Members will take a number of strategies to mobilize more resources ranging from funds, property (land, estates) and services which will be used to generate and create a revolving sustainable fund. Investments. Since Awqaf Uganda spends only the proceeds out of the investments, it was resolved that the mobilized funds be put to investment in  year start 2014.Investment avenues looked at included land, fruit and tree planting, franchise or distribution business, among others. In a brief presentation, Br Sulaiman Kiggundu noted that, Awqaf Uganda was hailed at the 3rd Waqaf Cadre Training Programme in South Africa Pretoria for transverse efforts in ...

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Awqaf features in Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013, Dubai

Awqaf featured in a special  panel discussion on Waqf  during the second day of the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013 which was held in Dubai 25-26 November 2013. The panelists were  Tayeb al Rais (CEO, Awqaf Minors Affairs Foundation – AMAF/ Dubai Awqaf) , Sami Salahat  (Consultant & Founder, International Institute of Islamic Waqf -IIIW)  and Zeinoul Abedien Cajee (Founding CEO,  National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa – Awqaf SA). The panel discusion was moderated by br Anouar Adham, Associate Director, Asset Management and Banking / Strategic Development, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Qatar. (Left to rioght in picture.) The following themes were discussed during  the panel discussion. It is widely known that Awqaf control millions of valuable land parcels and other assets across the Islamic world. Yet they generate very poor revenues from these, despite the potential they have to facilitate economic prosperity for the beneficiaries.   How can we convince their trustees and also governments to support their development?   A number of consultants have made a big deal about the potential for waqf to enter the more formal and advanced Islamic financial services industry and have their funds managed by professional asset managers. Yet, there has been very little progress towards this. What is the best way to engage Awqaf managers and transition them to professional services? Should governments be involved in developing regulations?   In your experience, what is the best approach to maximise utilisation (both yield and utility to beneficiaries) of real estate based waqf assets? ...

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AwqafSA shortlisted for “Islamic Economy Award”

Awqaf South Africa was one of three nominess for the Islamic Economy Award in the Awqaf category at the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013 held in Dubai during 25/26 November, 2013. Other nominees were Awqaf New Zealand and an Indonesian waqf organisation. A panel of 11 judges selected Awqaf New Zealand as the winner. The winner was announced at the Summit during the opening ceremony in the presence of Sheikh Muhammad Rasheed al Maktoum and various other dignataries as well as the 1500 strong participants in the Summit. Awqaf SA congratulates Awqaf New Zealand and wishes the new institution everything of the best for the future. It is an honour and priviledge for us to be asociated with a young vibrant organisation such as Awqaf New Zealand. Br Husain bin Younis, , secretary general of ANZ, received the trophy on behalf of ANZ. WILL BE POSTING MORE ON THIS EVENT SOON?

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20 Masjid Waqfs to be Researched

At the Masjid & Institutions Waqf Forum (organised by AWQAF SA)  held at the Masjid Abu Bakr Siddique, Erasmia, South Africa,  and which was attended by several local and intrernational scholars, activists, mosque & madressah committee members, and businessmen, a positive outcome of the deliberations is the start of a research project that would document around 20 Masjid & Institution based waqfs  in South Africa.  Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI, member of the Islamic Develeopment Bank Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) said that there was a strong need to build capacity within thew waqf sector so as to further grow and professionalise the sector so that good governance and confidence may prevail. In addition he endorsed the research project and  suggested that Awqaf SA  works with IRTI to undertake such a project not only in South Africa but regionally too.      

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Young people ‘must learn about Awqaf’

Speaking at the Dubai International Conference for Awqaf, Dr Tarak Abdullah, an associate professor at Zayed University, said greater awareness of the tradition was needed. “We need to educate out children from the early stages in school to understand the concepts and the perspectives of such institutions,” said Dr Abdullah. “We should build a culture that understands awqaf and its role in developing the communities and fulfilling the need of our societies. “We should pay more attention to awqaf, we need it to be part of our courses in schools and  universities.” Traditionally the endowments have been used to build and maintain mosques, provide graveyards or dig wells, though there is a move towards helping the community in other ways. A private awqaf can be set up, typically to benefit a family. “Islamic awqaf have always been a major component of Islamic societies wherever they are. It is a medium of alleviating pain and helping the needy in our society. This system has a long history that spans 1,400 years. The two-day conference was attended by more than 1,000 regional and international endowment experts and visitors from more than 20 countries. Awqaf SA fully supports the idea of teaching our young about waqf. Awqaf has introduced the online Waqf Academy and also intends to introduce basic modules for schools. Al Falaah College in Durban, South Africa  is piloting  waqf modules at their school. Courtesy:

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