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Arabic Calligraphy Webinar series

Webinar: Islamic Line Design with Mahmudah Begum Jaffer

An interactive chat with Mahmudah about Islamic Line Design (TM) as well as a practical demonstration.

This Webinar is proudly hosted by:
Awqaf SA (National Awqaf SA Foundation of South Africa)
ACSA (Arabic Calligraphers South Africa)

Event Details
Sunday, 11th October 2020
8:30 – 9:30pm GMT+2 (South Africa)

View the Webinar: click here

Faheem 083 517 9023
Hasanain 079 507 1196

Past sessions

During the first session, Hasanain Abdullah chaired the session and was jointed by ACSA’s Faheem Jackson and master calligrapher, Haafith Muhammad Hobe.

As a build-up to Heritage Day on Thursday, 24th September, we hosted a Webinar on the Calligraphy of Tuan Guru. We hosted a Heritage Day Talk based on the “From the Spice Islands to Cape Town – The Life and Times of Tuan Guru” book, which was given by the author, Shafir Morton.

The session comprised of an informative talk and a practical demonstration of the calligraphy style of Imam Abdullah bin Qadi Abdussalam (Tuan Guru).

The Panelists included brothers, Faheem Rhoda Jackson and Nabeel Rhoda Jackson

Event Details
Sunday, 20th September 2020
8:30 -9:30pm GMT+2

Webinar: East meets West: A calligraphic fusion

An interactive chat with contemporary calligraphy artists about
their experience, which includes a practical demonstration.

Zunaida Moosa Wadiwala
Rafique Cajee

Event Details
Sunday, 4th October 2020
8:30 -9:30pm GMT+2 (South Africa)


We hosted a session on Geometric Islamic Art with Yousha Sader on the 6th June 2020.