Benefits of Waqf

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What is Waqf

The waqf is a system that stems from the idea of institutionalizing
voluntary giving in order to guarantee sustainability.

Forms of Waqf

You may donate any amount of money, or any other asset to Awqaf SA and dedicate the thawaab to your beloved. Awqaf SA then invests 100% of the waqf funds in income-producing assets. Only the income generated from investments is then used for initiating or funding beneficial and sustainable community development/poverty alleviation projects – either of your choice (designated) or as approved by the Council of Mutawallees in keeping with priority needs (discretionary).

“But those who give away their wealth out of genuine desire to please Allah, and out of their own inner certainty, are like a garden on a hillside. When heavy rain falls upon it, it yields up twice its normal produce. If no heavy rain falls on it, then a light drizzle will suffice, Allah sees all that you do.”

Benefits – (Thawaab)

The benefits of establishing a waqf and the institution of Awqaf in South Africa cannot be measured in terms of rands and cents only. InshaAllah, the benefits will accrue to you, the Muslim ummah as a collective, the poor and disadvantaged in general, and, our country.

You are giving a “beautiful loan” (qard hassan) to Allah, for His pleasure. He will repay it to you in many ways. You are making a financial contribution which the Prophet (s.a.w.) said “will bring great reward to you”. It is a sadaqa jariya which brings you continuous thawaab until the day of Qiyama. Further, by making a waqf, you will get the thawaab for all the benefit your waqf will collectively bring to all those that benefit therefrom.


Being generous is a spiritual investment.

From the Qur’an & Sunnah

  • Revival of a Sunnah. “He who revives an unpractised Sunnah will get the reward of a hundred martyrs” (Mishkaat)
  • Thawaab Jariyya – perpetual Thawaab until Qiyamah.
  • The Prophet (SAW) said: “Verily charity appeases the wrath of the Lord and removes pangs of death.” (Tirmizi)
  • Generosity purifies and rejuvenates the soul of the patron and consoles and supports the disadvantaged.
  • Kindness enhances the relationship between Allah and the contributor. It promotes love, cooperation, and welfare among members of the community.
  • Not only does giving increase rewards, but it also increases wealth.
  • Charity awakens feelings of compassion. It reinforces the human bond with less fortunate people and strengthens the ties of humanity and fraternity.


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