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Awqaf SA supports the Human Resource Development Programme

The HRDP (Human Resource Development Programme) convened an annual Six-Day training programme to up skill volunteers and staff of its members. The programme took place in Wyebank, Kwa Zulu Natal and catered for organisations based in SADC countries.

The aim of this programme is to increase the members efficiency, competency and effectiveness in their work. The HRP has established a training unit whose function is to develop an ongoing curriculum and training in using Social Media. Some of the modules of the programmes including the following:

    • Business Skills: business plan and writing up of funding proposal
    • Communications: Public speaking
    • Leadership: chair and manage meetings

Zeinoul Cajee (CEO of Awqaf SA) presented a session on “Developing Waqf Skills & Knowledge” and
“Understanding and Applying Waqf”. Imams and Islamic workers from Southern African countries at the
Many Imams committed to establishing  Waqf Funds at their Masjid based communities.