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Hasanain Abdullah

Awqaf SA & Siyafunda CTC hosts #SheMeansBusiness Digital Marketing Workshop

What is it
A workshop specially designed for entrepreneurial women to connect, share knowledge, access training in digital marketing, either in Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp for Business.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • To inspire, empower and train female entrepreneurs across the country to
  • Build, grow and start their own businesses.
  • Build capacity of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs on how they can leverage digital marketing tools to grow their businesses.

Facebook in partnership with Siyafunda CTC and UN Women has collaborated with Awqaf South Africa to host this workshop.

Awqaf SA hosted an offline event for a small group of female entrepreneurs at Tashreeqas Cake and Coffee Emporium in Cape Town. A Covid-19 protocol was in place and social distancing was practiced.