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Awqaf SA Microfinance Waqf

Accelerating Sustainable Economic Transformation

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that the Prophet ﷺ said,
“The upper hand is better than the lower one… He who seeks self-sufficiency will be made self-sufficient by Allah” [Saheeh al-Bukhari]

This MUHARRAM help Awqaf SA grow the Microfinance Waqf to reboot our economy by Eradicating Poverty by supporting Sustainable Economic Transformation & Entrepreneur Empowerment.

Acc No: 62052040145
Branch Code: 250655
Ref: Cell number\MFIN

About Awqaf SA

Awqaf SA, founded in 2000 is an internationally recognized Community Endowment organization. As an Islamic charity, Awqaf SA uses the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ model of sustainability based on a core investment that cannot be sold or ceded. The investment’s profits are used to finance projects from education, small businesses, infrastructure, Masjid and Imam Development, Food Security, boreholes, and many others thereby earning the donor an everlasting reward with Allah ﷻ.

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