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Apartheid Story Submission – submit your story

What is Apartheid?

Apartheid was a system of institutionalised racial segregation and discrimination that existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s. The system was based on white supremacy and the repression of the black majority (Africans, coloureds and Asian South Africans) for the benefit of the politically and economically dominant Afrikaner minority and other whites. Apartheid legislation itself was repealed in 1991,and a non-racial government was established following national elections in 1994.

Apartheid Story Submission

Send us your stories about life in Apartheid times.
Relate an incident or the general feeling of living in the oppressive regime.

Include the following:

  • Name & Surname of storyteller
  • Area lived in at the time
  • Attach pictures & videos if available
  • Max 1000 words

Submit your stories to apartheidstories@awqafsa.org.za
Submission period: 16 April 2018 – 16 June 2018

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