Awqaf SA – Winner of the Islamic Economy Award, Waqf & Endowment Category 2015 – Read more

Awqaf SA’s, Zeinoul Abedien Cajee voted  top 500 people who influence the Islamic economy worldwide by. Islamica 500.  – Read more 

Reviving the institution of Waqf

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Track Record

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Excellence in Networking

Since inception, Awqaf SA developed a wide network of volunteers, contacts, partners, and friends with people, organizations, and institutions.

Tax liason with the government

Held NGO Tax Seminars and launched the Muslim NGO Tax Commission to liase on tax matters with government on behalf of the Muslim NGO sector.

Children of Islam

Initiated the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Unbanning of Islam and organised the “Children of Islam” Bicentennial Jalsah.

Symposium on Islamic Civilization

Participated in the: Symposium on Islamic Civilization in Eastern Africa, Uganda (2003); Gauteng Growth &

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Successfully hosted the International Waqf Conference in 2007 in Cape Town.

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