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Payment Methods

Should you wish to make a charitable endowment / waqf by means of  property, shares,  or through your will, or any other way, kindly contact Awqaf SA through the contact form on this website.

Should you wish to make a charitable endowment / waqf by means of  cash/money, you may use any of the following methods: 

  • Debit Order – regular monthly payments:  You may use a debit order to make regular monthly payments directly to Awqaf SA. This form needs to be completed and signed by the account holder, and then send directly to Awqaf SA for processing. The form is available on this site. Click here to download Waqf Monthly Payment Authorisation Form. The monthly deduction will be reflected on your statement.
  • Direct Deposit – you may bank directly into the Awqaf SA bank account at any of the following banks listed below or their branches country wide. For direct deposits, kindly complete the donor/waqif/a details above and fax  together with deposit slip so that Awqaf SA can issue your receipt and your waqf certificate. If you are making a Zakaat  payment, kindly specify. NB Waqf is  lillah/sadaqah jariyyah.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – You may use the EFT system from any internet connection anywhere in the world to make direct internet transfers into the account of Awqaf SA. You may even give the instruction to your bank to make the transfer.
  • Post Dated Cheques – You may use the traditional post dated cheque system to make a one-off or series of payments. These must be handed handed over and an immediate acknowledgement of receipt obtained. Receipts will be issued as cheques are deposited by Awqaf SA.
  • Online Donations – Pay via Payfast – click here

NB: Please ensure that all details and references are correctly written on your deposit slip. Be sure also to fax a copy of the deposit slip or confirmation advice. You may post, fax, or email the info to Awqaf SA:

112 Barry Hertzog Avenue, Greenside, Johannesburg, 2193

P.O. Box 85586, Emmarentia, 2029    


t: 011-486 0726 / 0847861409 

24/7 fax: 088011-8378669/ 0865149644

Cape Town:             

t: 021 697 3715   

e:  info@awqafsa.org.za   w:  awqafsa.org.za


 Bank account details

You may use any of the following accounts for your convenience:



Account Name: Awqaf SA

Account Name: Awqaf SA

A/C No:  1469-053934,

A/C No: 3001 118 114 151

Branch:  Business Northrand

Branch: Fordsburg

Branch Code 198765

Branch Code:  800000  


(nb: same code for all branches)

Reference: Your name &  cell no.

Reference: Your name & cell no

Foreign Country Payments: SWIFT CODE: NEDSZAJJ