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Making a Waqf

 10 Easy Steps on how to Make a Waqf

Making a Waqf is easy. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make a niyyah that you wish to make a Waqf.

2. Decide whether you want the Waqf for your personal benefit or esaale thawaab of a near and dear or deceased person.

3. Decide whether you want the Waqf to be discretionary or designated.

4. If designated, you need to decide what the designation of your Waqf shall be. Eg education, dawah, trees etc.

5. If it is designated for family, nominate the beneficiaries

6. Decide on the format of the Waqf: cash, goods, property.

8. Choose an option from the “ways to make a waqf” presented by Awqaf SA.

9. Should you wish to draw up a Waqfiyyah, consult with Awqaf SA.

10. Send the relevant form or contact Awqaf SA.