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Esaale Sawaab

Leave A Legacy for a Beloved

Esaale Sawaab”  or “Isaal-uth-thawaab”  means to transfer or dedicate the thawaab /reward of particular good actions or charitable deeds  to another person – living or deceased.

The Noble Prophet (s.a.w.) said:

When a person dies, all his/her acts come to an end, but three: sadaqah jariyyah (waqf , recurring or ongoing charity), beneficial knowledge, or a pious child (son or daughter) who prays for the deceased.”  (Musnad Ahmad)

For centuries, Muslims – men and women – rich and poor  – gave gifts and made bequests of charity in Allahs way in memories of their  beloved – an act loved and exalted by Allah (swt). Awqaf SA now gives you the opportunity to confer Esaale sawaab to a beloved  through a waqf – a permanent legacy and charitable gift solely for the pleasure of Allah – as part of your personal social responsibility investment. The thawaab/reward may be dedicated to parents, brothers, sisters, husband/wife, friend/s or for any beloved deceased,  the Noble Prophet Muhammad (s), a  leader, sahaba (r)  etc. The  waqf is a fountain of  thawaab al jariyah (continuous/ perpetual reward.) for the giver and/or the beneficiary of the esaale sawaab.  It is indeed a noble  charitable act and goodness of heart and has tremendous spiritual benefits.

How Does it Work?

You may donate any amount of money, or any other asset to Awqaf SA and dedicate the thawaab to your beloved. Awqaf SA then invests 100% of the waqf funds in income producing assets. Only the income generated from investments is then used for  initiating or funding beneficial and sustainable community development/ poverty alleviation projects – either of your choice (designated) or as approved by the Council of Mutawallees in keeping with priority needs (discretionary).

How much do I need to to give? 

You may make a waqf for as little as a rand, a % of your monthly earnings, or as much as you like or you can afford. It is totally voluntary and left entirely up to you