Project Waqfs

A Project Waqf is a designated endowment fund established for the purpose of  developing or strengthening  a particular project within a community development sector. Hence the project may be health related or education related etc.  For example, a health related project may be a clinic or the provision of medicines or the provision of eg HIV-AIDS education.

Projects within a sector may vary but may include the following:

Education:   school buildings; school and university fees;  awards to outstanding achievers and contributors to community; tertiary education scholarships; youth leadership and development programmes; water and sanitation for schools; provision bf books to libraries; subsidies for teachers salaries

Social Care & Welfare: care centres for the disabled, indigent, aged, and orphans;

Dawah, Masjid & Madressah: salaries of imams and asatidha in poor communities;  publication of literature indigenous languages;    

Health: provision of health centres & services; fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic; provision of water and sanitation;

Trade & Commerce: job creation, micro finance – small loans to start up a micro businessi, and skills training;  establishment of trading zones;

Art, Culture & Heritage: promotion of arts, culture, and heritage; promotion of Qur’ãn recitations;

Governance: inter/intra community and community-government relations; participation and involvement in mainstream community life.

Environment: tree nurseries & planting; establishment of food gardens; caring for animals

Towards what special project would you like to donate to? Its your choice. Your passion.All waqfs made are treated as Discretionary unless otherwise specified by the Donor.