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Organisation & Institution Waqf

Awqaf SA has a facility by which waqfs are established and administered for smaller organizations and/or institutions which do not have the capacity or means to establish their own or to manage their own.

These are set up in partnership with the relevant organization or institution and decisions are made jointly. A representative of the Organisation or Institution is also appointed as a Waqf Mutawallee to act as co-custodian over the respective waqf property.

Awqaf SA will assist in the establishment, marketing, and administration of the waqf together with the relevant party. Another option is where an independent waqf or Trust is created to jointly manage for the benefit of the organisation or institution.

How to set up an Organisation Waqf:

  1. Contact  Awqaf SA and an Awqaf SA representative will in turn meet with you or your committee.
  2. Discuss needs and requirements.
  3. Enter into a cooperation MOU.
  4. Discuss and agree on modus operandi
  5. Enter into other relevant agreements.
Towards which Organisation or Institution   would you like to donate a waqf in cash or kind? Its your choice. Your passion.All waqfs made are treated as Discretionary unless otherwise specified by the Donor.