Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Waqf is a designated endowment fund to generate income specifically to build capacity within Awqaf SA to enable it to carry out its mission effectively and efficiently.

It is felt that, because of its long term nature, a solid funding foundation needs to be put in place so that the staff & volunteers could focus on the core business of Awqaf SA.

Rationale for the Capacity Building  Waqf:

  • Thus far Awqaf SA has operated on a pure voluntary basis.  Although the organization has developed a track record of professionalism in all its various functions and activities, through the utilization of volunteer human capital, Awqaf SA has reached a critical stage where it needs to move into a higher gear to enable and empower  the organization to fulfil its vision, mission, and objectives.  It is felt that this fulfillment and exponential growth can be achieved and is within reach, but  the organization itself needs capacity and infrastructure on an urgent basis.
  • The affairs of the community, beyond the maintenance of masjids, madressahs, and relief work,  needs a  fresh approach. We need to employ and pay  the best people available for tasking with various specialist assignments, including issues related to community development and the professional management of our institutions.  A strong organization is critical in the  ongoing mobilsation of  waqf funds and human resources.  This is so because it is the Community Development Waqf that will provide the income stream for several projects and programmes  targeted at community development and poverty alleviation for the future, over time.

 Purpose of the Capacity Building Waqf:

  • to develop a sustainable income stream for the long term sustainability of the organization
  • to employ full time professional  staff  (management, administration, and field staff)
  • to provide infrastructure (offices, fixtures, fittings, furniture, equipment, vehicles)
  • to function at an optimum level
  • to develop and further strengthen the Awqaf SA Volunteer Programme
  • to further market and  popularize the waqf system effectively and on a wider scale and grow and develop the Community Development Waqf
  • to initiate and  manage  projects and programmes at both the local and broader  community levels
  • to undertake special beneficial assignments and tasks at local and international level
  • to spread the waqf system in SA and the SADC region providing meaningful support.
Donate to the Capacity Building Waqf to build a strong community based organisation that can operate and deliver efficiently and effectively. Its your choice. Your passion.All waqfs made are treated as Discretionary unless otherwise specified by the Donor.