Discretionary Waqfs

The Discretionary waqf simply means that the donor transfers the decision making to the Council of Mutawallees  (Trustees). The Council of Mutawalles will decide from time to time as to the priority needs and avenues in which the income generated from Discretionary Waqfs should be spent.

The types of projects or programmes are very vast and could range from providing funding for skills development, tree planting, education  projects to providing assistance to a poor madressah or providing awards to outstanding learners for top achievement.

Unless specified and designated by the Waqif/ah, the general rule that Awqaf SA applies is that all Waqfs are discretionary.

In the long term, it is better to give discretion to the Council Of Mutawallees as circumstances may change and/or designated purposes may be invalid in time  or may no longer rank as a needs  or priorities.


Designated Waqfs

A designated Waqf is a charitable endowment in which the donor specifies the special purpose of the Waqf and/or specific beneficiaries.  Designated waqfs are made where the donor has a passion for a particular cause or project. For example, the donor may direct that the waqf should be solely for the development of food, trees, and water projects and that the beneficiaries should be from a particular locality. There are several potential designated Waqfs – it depends entirely on the donor/ waqif/ah.

Categories of designated Waqfs

Awqaf SA has devised several categories of designated waqfs. They range from specific community development sectors  to specific or special projects. 

  • Sector & Project Waqfs
  • Community Waqfs
  • Organization & Institution Waqfs
  • Capacity Building Waqfs
  • Family Waqfs
  • Group Waqfs
  • Special Waqfs

Waqfs may  be made for specific communities, projects, families, organisations, institutions,  or capacity building.

Awqaf SA takes a holistic view of community development and realises that there are several needs within a community. These needs fall within certain sectors, and which,  if taken together, will help empower communities. Awqaf SA has established the following Sector Waqfs to fund projects within the respective sectors:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Art, Culture, & Heritage
  • Social Care & Welfare
  • Trade & Commerce
  • Governance
  • Media & Publications
  • Dawah, Masjid & Madressah
  • Environment
  • Security & Emergency
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Research & Development
  • Hajj & Umrah
  • Capacity Building
  • Palestine Waqf
Towards what sector waqf would you like to donate to? Its your choice. Your passion. All waqfs made are treated as Discretionary unless otherwise specified by the Donor.