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Benefits of Making a Waqf

Being generous is a spiritual investment.

From the Qur’an & Sunnah

  • Revival of a Sunnah. “He who revives a unpractised Sunnah will get the reward of a hundred martyrs” (Mishkaat)
  • Thawaab Jariyya – perpetual Thawaab until Qiyamah.
  • The Prophet (SAW) said: “Verily charity appeases wrath of the Lord and removes pangs of death.” (Tirmizi)
  • Generosity purifies and rejuvenates the soul of the patron and consoles and supports the disadvantaged.
  • Kindness enhances the relationship between Allah and the contributor. It promotes love, cooperation and welfare among members of the community.
  • Not only does giving increase reward, it increases wealth.
  • Charity awakens feelings of compassion. It reinforces the human bond with less fortunate people and strengthens theties of humanity and fraternity.

But those who give away their wealth out of genuine desire to please Allah, and out of their own inner certainty, are like a garden on a hillside. When heavy rain falls upon it, it yields up twice its normal produce. If no heavy rain falls on it, then a light drizzle will suffice, Allah sees all that you do.” (Surah Baqarah, V 265)

Benefits – (Thawaab)

The benefits of establishing a waqf and the institution of Awqaf in South Africa  cannot be measured in terms of rands and cents only. InshaAllah, the benefits will accrue to you,  the Muslim ummah as a collective, the poor and disadvantaged in general, and,  our country. 

You are giving a “beautiful loan” (qard hassan) to Allah, for His pleasure. He will repay it to you in many ways. You are making a financial contribution which the Prophet (s.a.w.) said “will bring great reward to you”. It is a sadaqa jariya which brings you continuous thawaab until the day of Qiyama.  Further, by making a waqf, you will get the thawaab for all the benefit your waqf will collectively bring  to all those that benefit  therefrom.  The waqf has several benefits and advantages and you, as an individual, professional, or or business, are contributing towards a major new initiative by : 

  • Establishing shariah, a sunnah, and,  a sahaba (r.a.) practice
  • Creating a long term, massive, powerful community capital fund
  • Establishing and supporting projects from awqaf revenues on a sustainable basis.
  • Promoting  a  working unity  of stakeholders
  • Promoting  independence and self reliance
  • Raising the self-esteem of the ummah
  • Making dawah more meaningful
  • Contributing  towards poverty alleviation
  • Developing  leadership through projects at grassroots level
  • Empowering  Muslim, poor, and disadvantaged communities
  • Contributing  towards becoming an empowered, influential, and benevolent   community
  • Contributing towards the growth and development of our country
  • Leaving a legacy that future generations will be justly proud of
  • Benefitting from the duas of the poor and disadvantaged
  • Making history – you are part of a history making initiative
  • Giving in jama’a, like salah in jama’a is better than giving or performing salah individually