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Amazing Waqfs

1000’s of Amazing Waqfs Over the Centuries

The following are examples of waqf/endowments made over the centuries. Note the variety and needs of the time.

  • Fully fitted and staffed hospitals for the poor
  • Starter-pack apartment buildings for newly weds
  • Utencils and trousseau for disadvantaged brides
  • Public water fountains
  • Caftans and outer garments for the old
  • Replacement of  broken plates to save maids from
  • censure from madams
  • Provision of grass for the mule ridden by the Shaykh of Al Azhar
  • Havens for old horses and sick animals
  • Food for animals during winter months
  • Public musafir/travellers lodges, roads, and bridges
  • Salaries of imams, ulama, ustaadh/a, muezzins,  qaris
  • Schools, research institutions, orphanages
  • Stipends and support for students
  • Skills, craft training, and job creation guilds
  • Orchards and food gardens
  • Flea  markets…