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A Waqf from trade & commerce

(Waqf Al Tijarah)

The  Waqf Al Tijarah  is for persons who wish to make  a Waqf of a percentage of either business turnover or  profits. It is also recommended that you make an intention to make a Waqf from a specific transaction or deal. Nowadays, you may also include Awqaf SA as beneficiary as part of an BEE Empowerment Deal. The % is entirely voluntary. The  amount could be banked directly by direct deposit or electronic transfer, either occasionally or regularly.

A debit order facility could also be arranged. The Waqf may be designated or discretionary. It is recommended that a written Waqfiyyah or deed be completed for designated Waqfs.

Key Benefits

  • Blessings in business
  • Community reinvestment / Social responsibility
  • Community support for business
  • Growth of Waqf funds can be fast-tracked