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1% Per Month

Voluntary & Recommended.  A regular monthly contribution.

The most beloved action to Allah is the most continuous, even if little.” Hadith

Click here To obtain the Debit Order/ Monthly Payment Authorisation Form

The 1% Per Month Waqf is for anyone – student, housewife, professional, clerk, business, factory worker, shop assistant etc – who has a regular income and a bank account. The payment is made by debit order and the waqif/a must  complete a payment authorisation form available from Awqaf SA.  The amount of 1% is voluntary and recommended and could be more, or less, as the waqif/a pleases. This is a convenient way and takes advantage of available technology.

Dear Brother / Sister
YES! Make only 1% of your monthly income into a waqf* and make a big difference to the empowerment of Muslim as well as to poor and disadvantaged communities in South Africa, our home. We have survived the past 350 years. What about the next 350 years? Our forebearers laid the foundations and infrastructure for a vibrant Muslim Community. So too, should we leave a great heritage for our children – so that Islam may flourish throughout this beautiful land. Times have changed…for the better. But we have to take care of the future, together. We have to be prepared and organised. We have to address our many concerns. We have to develop further infrastructure to serve our needs and also contribute towards nation-building and poverty alleviation, particularly among poor communities. We have to make a visible difference to orphans, youth, the elderly, disabled, destitute and unemployed. It is our moral and Islamic duty. We cannot marginalise ourselves in mainstream issues whether in economics, health, education, social development, or politics. We have to take the “high road” (Surah Al-Balad). What are our options?

Throughout the glorious history of Islam, many sacrifices were made by Muslims who could foresee the value of living, protecting and promoting this great faith. Now it is our time to make sacrifices … with our wealth and our persons. As Muslims in SA, we can play a meaningful role. Is 1% too much?

Waqf is a pure Islamic sustainable community development institution established by our Leader, Muhammad (saw), his noble Sahaba (ra), and Muslims past and present. As in the past, waqf continues to play a major role in the empowerment of the ummah worldwide. It can do the same for us in SA…for our future. But we must join hands now.
AWQAF SA, as a community-based initiative and the pioneer waqf institution in South Africa, strongly calls on all brothers and sisters, from all walks of life to revive this great sunnah and to make the waqf system part of our everyday lives. The prophetic institution of waqf is about the future growth and development of communities. It is about goodwill, kindness, and the promotion of self-help. It is about Muslim Social Responsibility. Like many, open your heart and commit yourself to a worthwhile cause. Give Allah a beautiful loan. Make a capital gift to Allah. Make a waqf for only 1% per month. Little, but continuous. Your “unit trust” for the aakhirah. Is it not well worth the sacrifice?


Key Benefits

  • Waqf / charitable endowment by regular monthly debit order payment
  • Helps financial planning and in spreading out commitment
  • Donor is in control and may increase, decrease, or cancel at short notice

To obtain Debit Order/ Monthly Payment Authorisation Form, click here.