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People Paisa Projects

Awqaf SA is based on the three pillars of  People, Projects and Paisa (PPP).


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People are the lifeblood. They give of their wealth and of themselves. They help the organization in structures, in funding, in advising, and broadly in community service.

Projects are the delivery instruments and leadership incubators of community development. Through projects Awqaf SA ensures that the organization achieves its mission and goals.

Paisa*  is the core business of the organization – the mobilisation of funds in the form of Waqf, Lillah, and Zakah.  Without a sustainable means of funding projects, Awqaf SA community development projects  will cease to exist.

The PPP factors are interrelated and function as a system, as critical cogs in a machine. If one is absent, the system collapses.

Awqaf SA ensures that all three pillars are developed on an ongoing basis.

*(a Swahili / Urdu/ Persian word, meaning money)