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40 Reasons Why You Should Support Awqaf SA

40 Reasons

Why You Should Support Awqaf SA

1.    Awqaf SA is a South African Muslim home grown organization – from inception to implementation.

2.    Awqaf SA is the pioneer Waqf Institution in South Africa

3.    Awqaf SA is the only organization in SA dedicated to develop and popularize the waqf system and mobilise waqf funds.

4.    Awqaf SA is passionate about the waqf system as an institution to provide long term sustainable solutions to many of the concerns within the community.

5.    Approval for the waqf system was given by the Noble Prophet Muhammad (S)

6.     Awqaf SA draws inspiration from the Prophet Muhammad (S) and upon whose advice Hadrat Umar ®, the second Caliph of the Islamic State, and several Sahaba ® and Muslims over the centuries made some amazing waqfs.

7.    The waqf system played a major role in the sustainable development of several institutions including, education, health, social welfare, trade, skills development, masjids, madressahs, universities, hospitals, stipends to Ulama and students etc

8.    Waqf involves voluntary giving from the heart and creates feelings of goodwill.

9.    Awqaf SA is a visionary organization which has set its sights on  long term empowerment and self reliance rather than  quick-fix solutions.

10. Awqaf SA is community based and belongs to the community.

11. Awqaf SA works within the context of a broader Ummahtic vision: “To be an empowered, influential and benevolent community”.

12.Awqaf SA seeks to empower the ummah and poor communities from all backgrounds irrespective of creed or colour.

13. Awqaf SA is the collective Sadaqah capital base of the Ummah.

14. Awqaf SA is a tax-exempt institution and donors enjoy several exemptions as well. For example: no donations tax; no estate duty; no capital gains tax; and in some instances,  donations are deductible for tax purposes.

15. Awqaf SA is a registered Non Profit Organization and a registered Public Benefit Organization.

16. Awqaf SA is governed by various legislation to protect the donor and to ensure a well run organization.

17. Awqaf SA has instituted several checks and balances to ensure a risk- and error-free operation.

18. Awqaf SA has an open door policy – any person – young, old, lay, professional, brother, sister is welcome to join the Volunteer Network sharing their time, skills, expertise, experience, and wisdom for the benefit of the Ummah and the broader community.

19. Awqaf SA is committed to good corporate governance.

20. Awqaf SA  has a policy of  “cooperation, partnerships, and working unity” which enables it to work with everyone in the best interest of the Ummah and the broader community.

21. Awqaf SA is committed to community development, poverty alleviation, and nation building.

22. Awqaf SA focuses its area of operation in South Africa and works to develop the waqf system in Southern Africa, and elsewhere.

23. Awqaf SA has already spent considerable resources in developing the waqf system and the organization. All this at no cost to the Ummah.

24. Awqaf SA has put a cap on administrative and management costs derived from waqf investment revenues. Awqaf uses a Qur’anic benchmark.

25. Awqaf SA is a learning organization – it seeks constant improvement in its policies, procedures, and operations, including its human resources.

26. Awqaf SA  has had several successful projects having a far reaching impact –  Projects that are unique and broad based without duplicating efforts of any organization or group.

27. Awqaf SA develops good relations at all levels of the community, government, NGO sector, corporates, and the international community.

28. Awqaf SA takes a holistic view of community development – economic, social, spiritual, aesthetic, political, physical –  moving beyond masjids and madressahs .

29. Awqaf SA is a knowledge-based organization – it needs to be in the know and have knowledge of current and future trends, thoughts, and ideas in empowering communities.

30. Awqaf SA constantly looks for opportunities to mainstream Muslims and disadvantaged communities – thus participating in various fora – government and NGO’s.

31. Awqaf SA is the first broad-based NGO institutional funder within the Muslim community.

32. Awqaf SA beneficiaries include Muslims and the poorest of the poor  in other faith communities.

33. Awqaf SA provides an opportunity for all Muslims from all backgrounds to make a waqf irrespective of rank, status, class etc – from as little as a Rand to very large. No need to be a Sultan, Bill Gates or a Mark Shuttleworth – ordinary people do the most extraordinary.

34. Awqaf SA is  the definitive Waqf institution in Southern Africa. 

35. Awqaf SA provides leadership in areas where needed and where capacity is available: eg NGO Tax Commission; Bicentennial; WSSD; Arabic National Anthem etc

36. Awqaf SA is a unifying force – playing a positive neutral role within the ummah.

37. Awqaf SA provides a home and opportunity for professionals and volunteers – drawn from all walks of life, brothers and sisters –  to give of their time, skills, experience and wisdom.

38. Awqaf SA has developed a range of  innovative/unique  waqf  formats for giving or donating: (i) 1% suite (per month/quarter/half yearly/annum/once-off)  (ii) Lump Sum (iii) Waqf Al Maal (iv) Waqf Al Tijarah (v) Waqf Al Wasiyyah.

39. Awqaf SA operates on a professional basis striving for excellence (ihsaan) in all that it does.

40.  Awqaf SA has cooperation and friendship agreements with several local and international organizations.