The new era demands new mindsets and new solutions.

Muslims of South Africa have played a valiant role in the struggles against colonial as well as apartheid era oppressors in the past. Muslims, like the majority of  South Africans,  also  suffered under a  range of oppressive and humiliating laws and were robbed of their basic human rights.

The new post-apartheid era now presents new challenges and opportunities  for  South African Muslims, both within the community as well as citizens of the new democracy. However, there are several concerns shared by the Ummah in almost all walks of life including the fields of Dawah, leadership, politics, economics, education, ethics and morality, intellectual, spirituality, and religion. But to address these concerns,  challenges, and opportunities, the community must be organised at every level and initiate projects that would attempt to address these issues. New institutions need to be developed to harness the disparate strengths that lie dormant within the Ummah and be utilised for the collective power that Allah and His prophets (a.s.) require of a Muslim community.

We need to plan and implement now for a bright future for all in this beautiful country of ours.

Awqaf: The Strategy for Change

Reinvent Rediscover Revolutionise

Having realised that Muslims have a  duty (a) to become an empowered, influential, and a benevolent  community;  (b) to  be proactive not only in the holistic development of its own communities but also in the empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities; and (c) to contribute meaningfully to the new South Africa, the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AWQAF SA) has been founded with the following vision, mission, aims and objectives:

Vision Statement

AWQAF SA is an independent non-profit organisation founded for the social, economic, political, educational, intellectual, moral, religious, and spiritual empowerment of Muslim and historically disadvantaged communities. It aims to contribute meaningfully towards the growth and development of post-apartheid South Africa through the initiation and/or  support of strategically focused and sustainable community development and poverty alleviation  projects.

 Mission Statement

We are committed to becoming a broad-based, inclusive,  community development agency  that encourages self-reliance among the communities it serves. In all our activities and programmes we will strive to adhere to a  high standard of fairness, ethics, integrity, and professionalism, and  foster mutual respect and understanding among the diverse cultures, faiths, and peoples of our country. Central to our mission is the mobilisation of community capital  and community  re-investment.

Community Capital Mobilisation

We will strive to mobilise, invest, and manage awqaf and other community capital.

Community Re-Investment

We will endeavour to  initiate and  support strategic projects and  programmes for the integrated development of beneficiary/target communities.

In fulfilling our mission, we are deeply committed to advancing and protecting the interests of our donors, waqifoon, investors, members, beneficiaries, strategic partners, and other stakeholders.