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United4Freedom / 94.7 Cycle Challenge

Awqaf SA supports awareness of Palestinian children’s rights to equality, peace and education through the Shamsaan project.

Our aim of the campaign is to:

  • Acquire 20 hearing aids valued at R300 000
  • Invest R200 000 into the Children of Palestine Waqf
  • Bursary Support for Ammarah Paramedic students for 2018

United4Freedom forms part of the Pals4peace campaign an Awqaf SA project which seeks to raise funds for the following three projects:

1. “Children of Palestine Waqf” which supports the awareness, arts and culture as well as welfare campaigns for Palestinian children. All funds collected for the Waqf will be capitalised and only ongoing income generated from their investment will be used to fund projects related to Palestine

2. Ammarah Paramedic Bursary fund supporting the direct education of Future Paramedics.

3. We have added an additional project we believe is meaningful which is raising funding including Zakaat to fund the provision of hearing aids and therapy for children both in Gaza (where many children’s hearing have been affected by the bombing) and South Africa (as it is important to fulfill the needs of children with hearing impairment in our own country) we intend to raise funding for 20children at an average cost of R15,000 each child. So that is R300,000 for assisting children with hearing aids and therapy

Well done to the 120 cyclists who took part in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

For more information email: )

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To support the projects please make Payments to:
Awqaf SA NEDBANK 1469053934 BR CODE 198765
Ref: CELL/NAME/94.7/(state the project number)
1. P4P (if u contribute to the Palestine children’s Waqf – Lillah only)
2. APBF -(if for paramedic bursaries- Lillah)
3. SHA ( Shamsaan Hearing aids – Zakaat acceptable)

Contact the ambassador of the “Children of Palestine Waqf:

Nadia Meer on +27(82)2280303, email: