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Oupa Fats Wetlands Family Fun Day

By Goolam Kolio

On Sunday 12 November 2017 residents from Lenasia and surrounding areas visited the Oupa Fats Wetlands in Lenasia to take part in the “Oupa Fats Wetlands Family Fun Day”

Lenz Going Green, with Yunus Mitha and his team, has for years been trying to rehabilitate the wetlands and activate it as a community pleasure resort. Events are held to make “Lenasians” aware of the beautiful and relaxing area at their doorstep because even though passionate fishermen frequent the place, however the residents go to areas outside of Lenasia.

The more the resident frequent Oupa Fats the more secure it becomes, “We have to claim back our areas” said Mr Roopa. Shokat Khan from the Aamarah Bursary fund, who is steering the Desiderata Empowerment Project for the Wetlands, managed to get Awqaf SA (National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa) to sponsor 100 trees to be planted on that day.

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On Day 1, Musa Banda and his empowerment team of 14, dug the 100 holes and Day 2 the trees were planted. The idea was for the residents to adopt a tree, which would then create a love for the area and as a result encourage them to visit the place often.

Oupa Fats is a lovely place for family picnics, for fisherman, to have family functions and just to chill out. Committed residents are taking the initiative to develop the area which has a dam and a river.

With this vision in mind a day of activity was planned on a warm sunny day. There was boating, fishing, horse riding, picnicking, braaing and motor bikes on show. Visitors were entertained with karate demonstrations and cultural programmes.

The many pop up stalls had a variety of wares on sale. The ambulance service was also on hand to assist. Included in these stall was DaruShifa, who caters for the aged. Desiderata Empowerment Project for the Wetlands, Awqaf SA, Amara Paramedics and many others.

Visitors were impressed, enjoyed themselves and requested this to be planned more often.

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