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2015 IQRA Qira’ah Competition (Cape Town)

Alhamdulillah, the next International Qur’aan Recital Award (IQRA) Competition is once again upon us. This prestigious event will be held from 10 to 13 September 2015, at the Ahmedi Masjid (Victoria Road) in Grassy Park, Cape Town, Insha’Allah.

Finalists from the regional chapters held earlier in the year will gather to present themselves and compete in goodness, reciting Qur’aan as beautifully as they can, for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

The IQRA competition will also feature a female category as well as the Champs of Champs category, where the top placed reciters from last year’s event will compete against each other in an open aged category. International (non-South African) reciters will also participate in the event.untitled_midrand 3

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All are welcome to attend . To apply or for more information including the rules and participant guidelines, please visit awqafsa.org.za Alternatively, contact Sh. Muntahaa Kenny (South African Qur’aan Union) on 083 277 3216, or Hf. Muhammad Zein Cajee (Awqaf SA) on 076 587 3971.

Videostream link: www.livestream.com/channel4sa



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