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Letter of Condolence – Mufti Muhammad Taha Karaan

Awqaf SA is deeply saddened to receive the news of the passing of esteemed Aalim, scholar and Mufti of the Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa, Moulana Taha Karaan.

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Awqaf SA borehole

Awqaf SA’s local borehole project saves organisations thousands of rands

TWO boreholes, drilled at an elderly care centre, Darushifa, and the Al-Hudaar Orphanage and Madrasah in Lenasia, will save these NPOs thousands of rands in monthly running costs.

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Eid Gift Certificate

Thinking of an Eid Gift? The Power of R100 to Educate future generations. As we come to the end of Ramadaan, we wonder: What Gift can I give to my child or any other child? Awqaf SA aspires to inculcate the spirit and culture of Waqf Gifting – Give a Sadaqah Jariyyah Gift to your Child!  So this Eid  open a Lifetime  “Children of Islam Waqf Account”  and start a waqf fund in the name of your child or grand child / nephew/ niece (any age)  from as little as R100. These are the easy steps to follow: Submit your child’s name and surname together with your proof of payment by SMS/WhatsApp (084 786 0010)Fill out the application form belowand we shall send you a Gift Waqf Certificate in your childs / children’s name/s. Click here One of the greatest pleasures in the year of a Muslim is the day of Eid ul fitr. The joy of having spent a month in the service of Allah. Celebrations begin from the eve of Eid as we prepare for a day of festivities, children’s gifts, and rewards just to see their beaming faces Alhamdulillah. The night before Eid is rightly the night of prize giving for the believer. As we scramble for extra thawaab during these last few precious days, let us share the joy of Eid with the less fortunate. Imagine the delight of a child receiving his/ her gift on the day  the price of an innocent child’s happiness as he giggles in glee? From only R100-00 open a  Children of Islam Waqf Account in the name of a child, your child or any child.   Join Awqaf by contributing to spreading the happiness and reaping the reward inshaAllah. Make a heart smile by donating today! Will you be a benefactor?   You may donate for as many children as you wish.

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Fasting Certificate 1442 / 2021

“The Fasting Children of Islam Certificates” are a recognition of our children’s commitment and dedication to Ramadaan and the consciousness and eagerness that display in fulfilling this act of worship. Through these types of programmes, we pray that our children will become flagbearers and leaders of society in the future, Insha’Allah.

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Live the Quran – Ignite your connection with Allah

The LIVE THE QURAN programme has been introduced to commemorate the revelation of the Quran in so far as it has impacted mankind in every stratum of life. Awqaf South Africa has undertaken to host and assemble a broad-based global community initiative that would highlight the importance of the Holy Qur’an, its message for humankind, and its contribution to Islamic and world civilisation.

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IGNITE YOUR ETERNAL CONNECTION WITH ALLAH THROUGH THE IMAM MEDICAL WAQF. The Waqf currently Supports 100+ Imams, Islamic Workers, and their Families on a comprehensive Medical Aid Plan.

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